Cassie Sexodar


Race: Draenei
Sex: Female
Age: 4366 Years Old
Home: Booty Bay
Faction: Alliance

Sexuality: Bisexual
Sexual Role: Switch
Titles: Detective Bluejugs
Likes: Money, Big Dicks
Dislikes: Demons, Undead

Cassandra came with her people upon the Exodar during their escape from Draenor. She had fought with orcs for many years; observed the strife of her people through jaded eyes. It came as no surprise when the first Horde annihilated their cities and decimated her people, eventually forcing the last survivors off-world in a desperate attempt to protect what was left of her people.

In the end, she would find herself crashed upon Azeroth - another new, perhaps unforgiving, world. Her prophet would come to unite his people with the Alliance, a coalition of races offering shelter and protection, sworn enemies of the Horde, a faction which housed the same savages that had been responsible for the death of thousands. Yet this uneasy peace would not last, her people would be thrust into a rivalry between bitter factions, leaving Cassandra further disillusioned by the notion of peace in victory.

She settled on her decision, departing from the Alliance and the Horde conflict entirely. The woman would take several years exploring much of this uncharted world, befriending and learning the different cultures that dotted its diverse landscape. In her years of pacifism she found sex to be all the more useful, it was more than just a stress relief, a way of releasing tension. She bargained with it, excelled at it, her exotic nature only enhancing the pining lust people often had. This would be a skill she kept with her for the years to come.

Frequent stops in towns and harbors filled with freebooters and Goblins earned her a reputation as one of the most adventurous of her kind. Cassie, shortened for the simpler of patrons, began to enjoy her frivolous lifestyle and the ability to enjoy the warmth of many throughout the course of her days - her bitter hatred for orcs even lessened to an extent that she allowed them time in her bed. Inevitably, an enterprising goblin approached her with an offer: she would star in adult-films and magazines, in return, he would make her life as easy as it could ever be.

Cassie has since starred in several films including but not limited to:

• Fill My Molten Core
• For The Whored
• By Anal Be Purged
• Busty Goat Sluts I, II and III
• Emerald Wet Dream
• It Came On Me From Space!
• Detective Bluejugs
• Titanforge Me Harder
• Asserite Rear
• Help! There’s an Orc in my Wife!
• Zug Zug, Tug Tug
• Wrath of the Tits Queen

And many more.

Below you can see a few of her appearances in various art: