Race: Sin’dorei
Sex: Female
Age: 98 Years Old
Home: Silvermoon
Faction: Horde

Sexuality: Bisexual
Sexual Role: Switch
Titles: Archaeologist, Relic Hunter
Likes: Raiding tombs
Dislikes: Awakening ancient evils

Ever since she was a little girl, Clara had dreamed of heading out into the dangerous, ancient and undiscovered world to uncover lost relics, magics and discover everything she could about the wonderful world of Azeroth. Now an adult with many years of experience in her long chosen profession, Clara has become something of a globe trotter as a highly regarded member of the Reliquary. With many recognized discoveries and expeditions under her belt, she’s something of a celebrity in the world of archaeology and exploration.

Though for as much praise and recognition as she carries, she has an equal amount of controversy in her personal and professional life. Clara cares little for romance and attachments and uses her beauty and body as a tool to get to what she really cares about – old ancient stuff and priceless discoveries. She shot to fame and infamy early in her career after she infiltrated the Explorer’s League by wearing blue contact lenses and pretending to be a High Elf within their ranks.

After infiltrating their ranks on a Titan artifact expedition in Uldum, Clara spent months getting deeply intimate with the chief runner of the expedition for the Explorer’s League. She entered a relationship with the Dwarf over those months and even willingly slept with him just to further her goals. When she had gathered all she needed and worked out where the relic would be found, she stole all their research and made a daring escape on a hired zeppelin. She then used that very same zeppelin to carpet bomb the camp with goblin-made explosives to set back any progress they had made.

When pressed for answers on the dramatic events of the expedition, the Reliquary denied that any High Elves were among their members and denied any involvement. On that same day, they also gave Clara one of their highest honors and commended her for the find of an ancient titan relic. One that she now carries with her at all times around her neck.

A lover of history and the ancient relics of the world, Clara will do whatever it takes to get to her prizes – no matter who she hurts or hinders along the way.