Lilith Darkthistle


Race: Undead Elf
Sex: Female
Age: 167 Years Old
Home: Orgrimmar
Faction: Horde

Sexuality: Bisexual
Sexual Role: Submissive
Titles: Handmaiden
Likes: Sylvanas, Rough Sex
Dislikes: Nathanos, Alliance

In life, Lilith Darkthistle was one of the most beautiful High Elves, pined after by man and woman alike. She spent her days in Silvermoon’s lavish architecture and tended to by dozens hoping for her attention. The adoration she gleaned from hundreds had inflated her ego, the Quel’dorei quickly deciding herself to be a cut above the rest, she enjoyed high society and all the perks that came with it. It was a pleasurable time she would come to reflect on in the dark nights to come.

She drew particular attention from the Ranger General, Sylvanas. The Ranger had become quite intrigued by the youthful beauty of Lilith, curiosity and flirting led them to bed together where they unwittingly sank into roles they would find themselves returning to later in undeath.

Lilith, who was full of ego and pride in her daily life found herself submissive and like clay in the hands of the ranger general. Sylvanas who was righteous and true of heart found a streak of cruelty and dominance that bubbled to the surface when that beautiful Elf was naked beneath her.

In time the ranger general collared and claimed Lilith as her own. The young noble pledging to serve her forever, insisting that there was nobody in this world besides the ranger general who made her feel the way she did or treated her how she adored to be treated by Windrunner.

Many years of their secret meetings passed, but the drums of war would never stay silent for long as invasion had come to the woods of Eversong. The Scourge tore through those beautiful lands and among the many casualties of war would be Windrunner and Lilith.

Lilith had died in her home as a banshee had trapped her within it. She had not died by a blade or by arrow but instead the banshee had frightened her to death with a powerful wail as they were known for. The fright had even turned part of Lilith’s hair white before she died. She would later be found by Sylvanas who had been surprised to find her beautiful slave had not lost her beauty in death. That her body was untouched by blade or mutilated by hungry ghouls.

After a ritual to return Lilith to life with her own body mostly restored from the passage of time in death, the forsaken leader would hold Lilith to the vow of service forever, even in undeath. She would be officially known as the personal handmaiden to Windrunner.

A position she fulfills with great respect and want. She follows every order and command of the Banshee Queen, she would do absolutely anything she asked - without hesitation.


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