10 Things About Valnoressa


So I saw this neat idea on twitter where people were liking a post to get interesting facts and tidbits in response to the amount of likes they got. While I could totally do that, I feel like it’s a really spammy format that just ends up with everything being lost in a bunch of tweets and replies.

So I’m gonna utilize my blog and have the most interesting facts compiled here. All of these facts/tidbits are entirely about my flagship OC, Valnoressa. Ranging from things surrounding her creation, her backstory and anything else I can think of that you might not know about her.

Here we go!

1. Val’s Retconned Husband

Valnoressa originally had a husband (pictured on the left) who would later go on to be executed by the Orcs while watching them defile his wife. Ultimately I decided if I was going to have Val be a slave type character that she didn’t need to have too dark of a backstory so I retconned her husband almost immediately after that image.

2. Val’s Parents

Val’s parents are very much alive and kicking, but deeply involved in their own lives. Her mother, Licinia Leafwhisper, is a priestess of the moon and her father, Algorn Leafwhisper is a Druid like his daughter. While Val visits her parents a few times a year, they have not seen their son Kalli since he ran away from his home.

3. Popping Val’s cherry

Val’s first sexual encounter ever and the moment she lost her virginity was over three hundred years ago. She and a Keeper of the Grove had become infatuated with one another and shared a passionate love of the natural world. Val’s first time was indeed with a half stag half elf being and she couldn’t have picked a more difficult partner as a result for her first time. Ultimately the pair didn’t remain together as he wanted her to undergo a ritual to become a dryad, but this was something Val didn’t want to do. Their parting was respectful and mutual, Val still thinks about him from time to time. Rather fondly too.

4. Prisoner of the demons

While not documented in any of my images (yet), Val spent three months of the recent Legion war as a prisoner of the demons. She had become the obsession of an imp mother who wished to turn Val into a succubus and serve her. Val’s refusal to serve the Legion led the imp mother to set many forms of demons upon her, using her body in hopes of breaking her will. Everything from Imps, felhounds, wrathguards and other fel beings would have their way with her until she was rescued after three months by a Demon Hunter.

5. Val the Sentinel? Nearly!

While Val is most certainly a pacifist, she CAN fight and defend herself. She simply chooses not to. She was once even close to becoming a sentinel and had trained so extensively with some of her sentinel friends that she became quite talented with a glaive, their signature weapon. Ultimately her calling was always druidism and she never took the sentinels up on their offer to be recruited.

6. Me Am That Kind Of Elf

While likely no surprise to my fans, you might not know how many Orcs have had the chance to bed the young druidess both willingly and not so willingly. The number stands currently around 800 Orcs having had sex with Valnoressa since she left home on her adventures. Many of which happened during her imprisonment under the ruthless Kor’kron serving Warchief Hellscream. That number will almost certainly rise as she is captured by the Horde in the future.

7. Undead? No way!

Val absolutely does not like the Undead/Forsaken. She sees them as an affront to the natural order and while she wont be openly rude to the few neutral ones she encounters, she does harbor ill feelings towards them. She absolutely would never willingly have sex with one either.

8. Twins of a feather

Val and her twin brother Kalli had a close relationship before he left for his new life. A type of sibling love but most definitely not an incestuous one (stop asking me to make them fuck!). They did however take part in a threesome with another Kaldorei man who was lucky enough to be serviced by the Leafwhisper twins together. Though not without some amount of alcohol and a lot of convincing.

9. Val’s Animal Friends


While the little orange bird, Pepe, shows up in many of Val’s images as a little easter egg, he is not canonically part of her story. Val does have a nightsaber mount at her home in Val’sharah as well as a domestic cat she keeps called “Falfarren” - named after the river in Ashenvale she found him wandering alone at.

10. Nightmare Val

During the ritual of sacrifice at the hands of the vile Satyr, Azraeus, Val briefly glimpsed a vision among the nightmare magic used to empower the spell. That vision showed herself, a corrupted form entirely bound to the nightmare lord, Xavius. She had hooves, horns and seemingly had become part Satyr. This “Nightmare Val” felt powerful, malevolent and cruel in that brief moment she witnessed of her.

Moments later of course, she would break free of the binding mind control spell and murder her captor, binding his nightmare soul to her collar unintentionally in the process. From time to time, Val ponders to herself if what she witnessed was a vision of the future, an alternate outcome or just trickery of the nightmare.