Raven Dawnwood


Race: Half Elf/Human
Sex: Female
Age: 32 Years Old
Home: Stormwind
Faction: Alliance

Sexuality: Bisexual
Sexual Role: Switch
Titles: Dead Eye
Likes: Alcohol, Killing
Dislikes: Criminals, Bullies

Born in the northern realms some time before the fall of Stormwind, Raven lived with her Human mother and Quel’dorei father on a small farm away from the threat of war. Though being so far on the fringes of the Lordaeron kingdom meant they were open to lesser but no less deadly threats.

Bandit raids were common on those who settled far from the protection of Lordaeron’s walls out of need for more fertile lands for farms and other forms of peasantry. The Dawnwood family was just such a family and it would be their undoing.

A raid of twenty bandits set upon the Dawnwood farm, stealing and burning their way through it. Normally that’s all they’d do, but their leader was a hateful and awful Human man who had been disfigured by the Quel’dorei for stealing in their lands. Needless to say, laying his eyes on Raven’s father married to a Human woman infuriated him.

Simple thievery and arson turned quickly into the rape of Raven’s mother and the eventual murder of both parents. All while Raven herself was forced to hide in a barrel her mother had placed her in. She had promised her mother she would not leave the barrel no matter what she heard happening - she knew things had turned for the worse outside yet she remained. They didn’t find her but now she was an orphan.

The sight of her murdered parents and her burning home had snapped something inside the then fourteen year old Raven. Grief had turned to unfathomable rage and soon she had run into her burning home to lift several of her father’s lumber hatchets and the rifle he had taught her how to shoot in the winter past.

She tracked the bandits to their camp where they hoarded their pillaged loot, drank their stolen ale and thought themselves safe from justice. Pearching herself on a ridge overlooking the camp, Raven waited patiently for hours until they were all drunk and tired. It was then that she began a massacre of every bandit in the camp with a focus beyond on her skill and years.

Within moments every bandit in the camp was dead or writing on the ground in agony, including the leader. She calmly walked down into the camp with her rifle upon her back and the bag of hatchets she had risked her life to save from the fire.

Any survivors were brutally murdered with an axe and those who were dead were hit anyway just to make sure. Eventually a unit sent out from Lordaeron happened upon the burning farm and they too had tracked the bandits to the camp.

There they found Raven, covered in blood, hacking tiredly at what little remained of the bandit leader himself. One among the Lordaeron soldiers recognized her as the Dawnwood’s daughter. Seeing that she was in need of aid and deeply in grief, he claimed responsibility for her.

She was raised under his care and eventually moved to New Stormwind after it’s rebuild. Both of them narrowly escaping the fall of Lordaeron and the northern kingdoms by a few months.

Now an adult woman, Raven carries much trauma and many complicated thoughts in her daily life. Yet she has focused her pain into a useful and fitting profession of bounty hunting for the crown. The Stormwind marshal is quoted best as saying:

“Simply, whenever I need some restocking or a message delivered - I’ll send an adventurer. Whenever I need a deadly threat brought in or a bandit stronghold cleared out. I send Raven.”

Some have complained and claimed that Raven’s brutally violent methods for dealing with criminals and bounty hunts are too heavy handed. Their complaints have had no response from either the marshal or the crown.


Below you can see a few of her appearances in various art: