THE Present

It had been another rough week of bullying and ill treatment from his supposed comrades in his guard unit for Casey. He hated shower time in particular as it was just another chance for them to ridicule and mock him for his feminine appearance.

He was especially not looking forward to it as the last time had gotten well out of hand and that was putting it lightly. Branson, the squad leader for Casey’s unit and the main culprit of his abuse had sexually assaulted him. He had groped, manhandled and slapped Casey around in some cruel attempt to make a joke of Casey’s below average penis size.

The young femboy was worried that next time it could turn more violent or even into rape, somehow he knew Branson wasn’t above such heinous acts. Yet as he entered the shower room he found it to be mostly empty save for a Human from another squad and the blue shape of a Draenei he could’’t quite make out through the thick steam.

He blessed his luck and and didn’t wait around just in case Branson and co were running a little late. He quickly made his way inside and down to the end of the shower room where the steam was most dense to hide and shower in peace.

Fifteen Minutes Earlier

Branson chuckled to his pals as he stepped into the shower room, they all cackled like a bunch of idiotic hyenas at his every word in response of course.

“Thinking maybe I’ll stick this up Casey’s arse when he gets in. See if the little fag sounds like as much of a bitch as he looks!” Branson bellowed out into a laughter as he grabbed as his cock, making a vulgar gesture as he spoke. The hyenas he called friends all reciprocated it in turn.

“We’ll grab ‘im when he comes in then. Look on his little pansy face is gonna be priceless when we’re running a deeprun tram on him!”
One of the Hyenas chimed in, not a single one among them even momentarily against the idea of raping Casey. All of them made crude gestures and added horrible things about what they were planning to do to that sweet boy the moment he stepped into the shower.

”The way I see it, he’s the only ‘woman’ in our unit so it’s his responsibility to keep a real man happy. Besides, it’s about all he’s probably good for the weak little shit. Can barely carry his sword and shield but I bet he’s used to carrying a few cocks eh boys?”
Branson added, trying to justify what he had his cronies were planning. Laughing it all up and making light of Casey’s body and abilities further even while not in his presence.

“I would advise that you stay away from young Casey if your intentions are malicious.” A voice chimed in from further in the shower room. A large Draenei coming into view out of the steam and standing two foot taller than all of Branson and his minions.

“Oh yeah? Why’s that then? You Casey’s boyfriend are ya? Mind ya own business you blueberry lookin’ twat.” Branson replied, the venom in his words as he turned back to have a chuckle with his crew.

“I am merely warning for now. If you intend to do what I just heard you say you would do then I will have to step in. You are dishonorable and a poor example of your race, guard.” The Draenei continued calmly, though his words firm and unyielding as his blue luminous eyes pierced through the wafting steam of the shower room.

“Oh yeah? Who the fuck are you, blueberry? Piss off back to the kitchen and get working on my dinner with the rest of the Draenei servants. Can you believe the help is giving me shit right now?” He added to his previous insults, again looking to his comrades for their approval which they gave in full. Seemingly to add to his list of awful traits, racism and being entirely ungrateful of the Draenei hospitality offered to the Alliance was among them.

“I am Rangari. You are familiar with that, are you not?” The large Draenei added, his words indeed having the intended effect. The group quieted down, they had been in Draenor long enough to know you don’t mess with the Rangari. Seemingly his crew had recognized this, but Branson himself was too proud or stupid to acknowledge it.

“I don’t care if you’re that old cunt Velen, you try to tell me what to do again and I’ll-“ Branson’s response was cut short. The fist of the Draenei had flown out from the thick steam and cracked him clean across the jaw. A splatter of blood had landed on the wall and a couple of teeth could be heard clattering across the shower room.

Branson went down unconscious like a ton of bricks. His comrades looked on timidly, they had not leaped to his aid as they seemed at least that smart enough not to try and fight a Rangari. Even if they were three on one, the odds were still against them.

“When he eventually wakes up, make sure he knows that Casey is under Rangari protection. MY protection. Tell him if he wants to take it up with someone, to come find me. Velgaruu.” The large Draenei replied with a hard tone in his voice, eyeing them all fiercely.

They nodded repeatedly like fools, none of them saying a word as they dragged the sleeping Branson from the shower room to the infirmary. All of them just wanting to get as far away from Velgaruu as possible.

The Present Again

Velgaruu noticed the familiar small shape through the steam as it timidly made it’s way down to his end of the shower room. He had heard about what had happened to Casey the last time he had showered here and had come to make sure it did not happen again or become something worse. He had been saddened that he had not been here to stop the first assault on the boy but he had made sure that there would not be a second time moments ago.

He couldn’t help but smile to himself, Casey was incredibly cute and beautiful in his eyes. The young fellow had come knowing what could have possibly happened, he was brave too seemingly. Velgaruu watched him for a little while as he showered his delicate freckled dusted body. His womanly hips, plump rear and so incredibly soft looking skin causing his large blue cock to awaken of it’s own accord unintentionally, Velgaruu turned the shower valve to cold to remedy that immediately of course.

Vel was about to leave before a lovely sound passed his ears, a sweet little voice humming from behind him. He couldn’t leave yet, even if the tips of his fingers and toes were starting to prune he wanted to hear Casey hum his cute little song while he washed himself.

He so desperately wanted to speak to Casey now, but he felt approaching the boy while he showered wasn’t the best place to make a good first impression. He would wait for his chance and help keep the bullies away from him for the time being. As he headed out from the shower rooms, he took one last glance at the beautiful boy before reluctantly tearing his gaze away from him.

“Ouch! What the?” Casey whimpered out as he took a step back from the water. He peered down at a small bone white object on the floor where he had been standing, leaning down to pick it up and inspect it closer.

“What the heck?” He muttered out, realizing that what he had just stood on was a human’s tooth. With his other hand he quickly jabbed his fingers into his mouth to check that it wasn’t his own – thankfully they all seemed to be accounted for though. He shrugged, seemingly something had happened that he had not been witness to and he didn’t much care what. All the mattered was getting his wash over before Branson and his crew made their appearance. Tossing the tooth into the drain, he finished up his wash and headed back to his duties un-hassled by the goons.

It would be the first of many more un-hassled showers and a sudden notable disinterest in troubling him from Branson and his pals. Casey had no idea what had caused them to suddenly lose interest but he wasn’t one to question a good thing. He was just happy to be happy again, entirely unaware of the kind soul watching over him and keeping him safe long before their faithful meeting.

That the love of his life had been loving him long before he had known him.