Vargh Oxton

The old war veteran who became a beast.


Vargh is a man of action, tenacity, a soldier of unwavering loyalty… Or at least, that was who he was. Since the Fall of Gilneas and his affliction, the man no longer has any recollection of his past or who he was in the time before. Even his name is an assumption based on fragmented memories, jumbled about in an incoherent mess within his head - the worgen has long since given up on attempting to restore or grasp the threads of his past life.

The first memory he can recall is awakening on the shores of Azshara; greeted by a view of towering, metal smokestacks. Since the Shattering, it had come to house the largest congregation of Goblins, their machinery towering high into the sky - strangling the once-beautiful sky with black smoke. He lay there for some time, awaiting his death from malnourishment or Horde lackeys.

It would not come.

A wandering Druidess, Valnoressa, stumbled upon the grizzled veteran. She swiftly carted him away to shelter in a nearby cave she’d been staying in. The young elf had been monitoring the status of Azshara and the decay that had stricken its vibrant ecosystem. It was her job to determine whether or not there was any hope of saving the land in spite of the goblin’s machinery.

He lodged with her for several nights, under intense care and her constant watchful gaze. It was on the morning of the fifth day that he awoke to the sounds of commotion. Valnoressa had been discovered by an orcish patrol - they had apprehended her, binding her in manacles and chains for transportation to Durotar. The man roused himself from his slumber, pain surging through his limbs, the burst of adrenaline helping to ignore the pain as he tore through the pair of guards and liberated his savior from her bindings.

In the end, his savagery unleashed his inner beast, showing the amnesiac his true form. The young druidess offered him her sympathy and her thanks for his intervention. Vargh has traveled alongside her at her request whenever he can, his old life forgotten, serving as her faithful protector when required. He would never forget his debt to her.

Once he became her champion and protector during the third invasion of Azeroth by the Burning Legion, Vargh often found himself in many violent confrontations with demons seeking to take the powerful magic staff G'Hanir away from Valnoressa. Her pacifism would make her an easy target without him to assist her in her duties otherwise.

Everyday was a new terrible situation to remedy or a crucial battle that had to be won. Every time he came to her aid in spectacular fashion, tearing through demons with his ripped muscles and razor sharp claws to keep her safe. The daily combat kept Vargh in a constant state of bestial and almost feral prowess that threatened to become unmanagable if he did not have some form of release.

Val knew of only one highly effective way to soothe the raw bestial power of Vargh's bloodlust and that was to become his beta. Just as he was sacrificing to do his duty to her, she saw fit to return the favor. She would keep him from turning feral with her body.

Everyday Val would happily endure the powerful bestial sex that Vargh used to unwind, lasting hours after much longer and harder fought battles. Val would often have to tend to minor wounds of her own with her restorative abilities - due entirely to the feral like mating that the old Gilnean performed on her.

He would scratch, bite and mount her with wild passion. Often for hours at a time because of his inability to stop himself from knotting the young druidess. Simply pulling himself free when he had knotted her would be far too painful and dangerous for her, so often they would have to wait until he was flaccid to safely part.

Val never complained though, she endured it with a smile and often with equal enjoyment. Knowing full well that when the rage of the beast had faded, her dear friend and loyal protector would be there to look after her for another day in this terrible war.