Valnoressa is a kind and gentle soul, always eager to help those in need and forever striving to heal the sick or needy when the opportunity arises. A traumatic event at the hands of a cruel and vile Satyr caused her to seek out guidance from the moon goddess, Elune. Communicated to her through the wilds of nature, In exchange for a vow of pacifism, Elune would grant the young druid powerful healing abilities beyond that of her equals.

Val’s powerful healing would turn the tides of many fights for her allies and friends. This made her a coveted partner for dungeon delvers, missionaries and factional conflicts. This inevitably would make her a target in the eyes of various factions and beings seeking to steal or stop her power altogether.

Not only would her power be sought, but her body also. The story of her nightmare soul infused collar had become legend far and wide, many knew of the beautiful druid who could not be impregnated, always felt virgin tight and could take almost any size of cock inside her while fully recovering afterward. The greatest test of this was when Val was captured by a Gronn on Draenor and survived the ordeal of being it’s body slave.

Many would seek to court Val and make her their life mate or lover. Many more would trick her, kidnap her or force themselves on her. Most of those more forceful ones would be nefarious folk seeking to claim the perfect body slave for their own use or to keep as a trophy. Further study into the effects of her infused collar by the Kirin Tor are on-going as she hopes to find a way to remove it some day.

Val has yet to break her vow to her goddess. Val believes her true strength doesn’t lie in the taking of life or inflicting harm. She believes instead that her strength is enduring those horrible things for the benefit of all others, her power to heal and help comes above all else. Even her dignity and virtue.