Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the deal with commissions? Do you do them?

I do them yes, but very infrequently these days. I'm often very picky about what projects I decide to take on. If you send me a commission, it could be replied to quickly, in a few months or never! I’ve simply moved away from commissions as a regular thing. However if you do send a commission, rest assured that it has been received and archived for the possibility of doing it in the future. If you’re looking for an active commission taker with a quick or guaranteed response, look elsewhere.

Can I give you exposure to pay for my commission?


Do you do free requests?

Do you take suggestions?
Yes. You can submit your suggestions in the #vals-mailbox channel on my discord.

Will you tutor me on how to make art like you do?
Sorry, no. I don’t have the time or the patience to tutor others. There’s plenty of tutorials out there on youtube to help you learn if you need them.

Is it okay if fans print their own shirts/merch of your work?
Yes, but do not try to sell things with my logos or art on them. If you print anything made by me, ensure that is it for personal use, not for monetization or financial gain.

What are your system specs?
• Intel Core i7-4790k
• 16GB RAM DDR3-1600
• 1TB Toshiba HDD
• Razer Deathstalker Chroma Keyboard
• Corsair Harpoon RGB gaming mouse.

What programs do you use to create your art?
• Cinema 4D - Here
• Photoshop CC - Here
• WoW Model Viewer - Here
• Marlamin’s OBJ Exporter- Here

How to support me?
All of this is run by a single person (with some help from real life friends now and again). The more you support the more time I have to work on the site, my art and improve my erotic story writing. I always believe that you should only pledge support if you can afford it and I'd never lock my content behind paywalls to guilt or encourage fans into supporting me. If you wish to, here's how:

Support me over at
Follow/retweet me on @Valnoressa and @ValnoressaArt