Below you’ll find a myriad of stories dealing with different themes, fetishes and sexuality.
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Casey & Velgaruu have put the life of the military behind them for greener pastures in Elwynn Forest. Today is the day of their wedding and as their private affair draws to a close, husband and “wife” must consummate their union to one another.

  • Human, Draenei, Femboy, Male, Gay, Romantic, Cute

Captured and broken by the Queen of Zandalari Empire, Jaina has risen among the Trolls as the personal pet and consort of Queen Talanji. Such a union is sure to have huge ramifications for the Alliance, yet Jaina seems entirely uncaring of such things.

  • Slavery, Human, Troll, Zandalari, Female, Lesbian,

Valnoressa is put on sale at a goblin slave auction outside Orgrimmar, but the high asking price for the perfect body/sex slave makes her affordable only to those with the heftiest coin pouches. Enter, Mar’gur. The Champion of the Arena and well hung She-Orc.

  • Slavery, Night Elf, Orc, Orc, Female, Futa, Dubious Consent

Valnoressa had never known the tender touch and pleasures of being with another woman, a discovery first revealed to her by her fellow Kaldorei, Alvarina, who sees her new friend is given a full insight into the pleasures bestowed from another woman.

  • Consensual, Night Elf, Female, Romance, Lesbian

Valnoressa takes up a temporary role as the physician at the Stockades. Yet the power over such wild and wonderful inmates becomes too much when she’s facing a handsome and well endowed Orc. One who gives the Kaldorei more than she bargains for.

  • Consensual, Orc, Night Elf, Bondage, Rough Sex, Anal, Heterosexual

An assassination mission goes wrong when Saran arrives in Boralus only to find his target is waiting for him at the docks with a large henchman in tow. Lord Artemis has his brutish right hand man deliver a message to Saran and his kind that won’t soon be forgotten.

  • Femboy, Rape, Violence, Blackmail, Void Elf, Human, Kul'tiran, Gay

Information is a valuable commodity in the world of assassins and rogues. Deep within the Dalaran sewers, a Troll contact sells his own valuable information on Saran’s next mission with a high asking price. With little choice, Saran offers up his plump boy butt as payment for the information.

  • Femboy, Manipulation, Consensual, Blood Elf, Troll, Gay

A Sin'dorei freshly joined to the Horde earns the adoration of her new allies with a good old fashioned interracial gang bang. Though not everyone gets to enjoy her tight holes and generous offerings - especially if they’re Undead!

  • Consensual, Gangbang, Orc, Tauren, Troll, Blood Elf, Undead, Heterosexual

Val is captured in Durotar by a pair of simple minded Orc peons who man the guard tower on the border of the region. With a long night of being raped by Orcs ahead of her, Val must endure and hopefully tire out the pair before they can clap her irons when the act is eventually finished.

  • Rape, Prisoner, Threesome, Night Elf, Orc, Heterosexual

Havlock and Kalli are unlikely lovers brought together in the Stockades. The pair share a cell and Kalli must tread carefully as many an unsavory character in the prison would see him or his new Vrykul boyfriend dead for a chance to make the femboy their own prison bitch.

  • Femboy, Romance, Night Elf, Vrykul, Gay

It’s rare for the barracks of Lunarfall to be completely empty and it’s usually not for very long. Every chance they get Casey & Velgaruu will leap into their shared bunk and express their love and lust for one another for as long as they possibly can!

  • Femboy, Romance, Draenei, Human, Gay

Fresh out of the military academy, Casey's first guard posting is Lunarfall on the wild world of Draenor. Ridiculed by his peers, he finds a new unlikely friend in Velgaaru, a Rangari who has joined the commander’s garrison and taken a personal interest in the adorable sissy boy.

  • Femboy, Romance, Draenei, Human, Gay

With their Garrison overrun by raiding Orcs, two beautiful Humans face slavery and servitude when they're put up for sale by Goblins loyal to the brutish Iron Horde. Paraded on stage in chains and no clothing, a difficult future awaits them both when they’re sold.

  • Slavery, Bondage, Prostitution, Rape, Human, Orc. Heterosexual

After his scouting mission inside the enemy garrison goes sideways, Saran hides in an outhouse he had assumed to be empty at the time. The Human guard inside is willing to let him go, provided the beautiful femboy makes it worth his while.

  • Femboy, Manipulation, Consensual, Blood Elf, Human, Gay