Trapped In Lunarfall

Written & Edited by: Valnoressa


“The way I see it sweetheart, you don’t have much of a choice.” The young Lunarfall guard said in a soft and deliberately quiet tone. His attention focused on the young and criminally adorable Blood Elf pressed against the inside of the outhouse, peering out through a gap in the door. The guard’s eyes were, of course, focused entirely on the plump and well formed rear of the Elf who had rudely interrupted his time on the can, barely staying his desire to place a hand upon it.

“So sweet cheeks, how about you take me up on my offer?” the guard spoke boldly, finally lifting his gaze to the Elf’s upper half. “I-I’m a boy.” whispered the Elf in return, turning his head briefly around to peer at the Human’s no doubt shocked and disgusted expression. Yet that isn’t what he found at all, instead he saw the expression of a man completely unfazed by the sudden revelation. “Really? You’re pretty cute for a guy. Offer still stands though!” the guard shot back in reply, offering the fella a wink.

A deep blush set in upon the Elf’s cheeks from the cool response, he turned away to look out through the gap once more. The guards were still looking for him, there was no chance he’d get past them without some kind of a fight. “Well if you’re not interested… I guess I’ll just have to call for help.” the guard stated, delivering his ultimatum in full. The Elf’s heart raced as he batted the offer around in his head even as the guard continued to speak. “Shame, your cellmates in the Stockades won’t be anywhere near as gentle with that ass as I-“

the Elf interrupted. Turning around to the guard still sitting on the can, he looked down with a blush still warming his cheeks while fidgeting with the bottom of his jacket speaking once more. “I’ll do what you want, please just help me escape once we’re done.” he said with a slight begging tone to his adorable voice.

“You have my word. Anyway, whats your name kid?” the guard questioned, holding back his urge to just leap up and cuddle the Elf caught in such a sticky situation. “Saran.” he replied timidly, still fidgeting with the front of his jacket. “A pleasure to meet you Saran, I’m Matthews. We probably don’t have much time so I’m going to skip right to it… take your armor off and bend over against the door.” he said in a kind yet assertive manner. Saran nodded timidly, turning around slowly as he began to remove his leather armor. With each part that was removed the tender and so very soft lightly tanned skin of Elf revealed itself. That was until Saran was taking a strangely long and reluctant time to remove his leather pants.

When he finally began to pull them down, Private Matthews knew immediately why the Elf was so nervous about doing it in the first place. As the leather pants slipped softly down his feminine legs, he could see a pair of frilly women’s underwear topping a pair long black stockings that the Elven boy seemed to be wearing under his armor.

Saran was so embarrassed and thought for sure that the guard would make fun of him for it, yet once again the Human surprised him. The guard let his actions speak louder than words as he swatted that plump mound of the Elf boy’s panty clad backside.

Saran yelped and turned around entirely to slap the guard across the face in what was completely a knee jerk and rather womanly response to the spank. Saran seemed completely shocked by his own action and he could feel his hand aching from his counter slap of Matthews, he suspected that slapping the Human’s masculine jawline with his dainty hand had hurt himself more than the Human.

Matthews lifted himself to his feet, filling out most of what little space was in the outhouse with his broad shoulders and muscular body, leaving the tiny Saran to press his mostly naked form against the door. Saran was sure he was about to be attacked for his slap of the guard, bracing himself for whatever was to come.

One hand came up to Saran’s cheek to hold his head in an almost romantic manner while the other hand slipped into the front of his frilly panties. Tenderly and firmly the guard began to fondle his the elf boy’s small and gentle looking cock, his finger tips pushing down and further to collect Saran’s adorably soft and small balls into his palm as well.

Saran could feel Matthews impressively large cock rubbing against the inside of his tender soft thigh. It was at full mast and twitching excitedly like it was eager to pop at any moment. Matthews brought his large masculine palms to rest with a comfortable grip on Saran’s wide and womanly hips. The boy was so small and lithe that he could almost make a full ring with his hands around his waist.

Matthews leaned in dominantly to give Saran a few passionate kisses to the lips while his far more impressive cock rubbed and bumped against the Elf boy’s smaller package. He pushed his hips forward to let his cock disappear entirely between Saran’s thighs, the boy’s less impressive tackle hoisted up on the top of the guard’s girth as it made it’s way through the gap.

“You get that one free slap, now do as you were told and show me that pussy.” Matthews whispered to him deeply. The heat inside the outhouse was raising by the minute and it had become humid in the confined space with their body heat, even to the point where both were beginning to glisten with a small mist of sweat.

Saran turned without question, pushing his rear outward as his upper body pressed against the door of the outhouse. He even reached back with his dainty hands and pulled those peachy soft cheeks apart to reveal the smooth, hairless and invitinghole twitching with eager anticipation.

A rush of pure excitement and sexual confusion overwhelmed Saran as he was treated so… womanly. He felt safe and comfortable with this complete stranger and found himself melting entirely into Matthews will as the guard leaned in, tightly embracing the Elf and whispering very quietly and smoothly as his cock prodded against the Elf boy’s asshole with mischievous intent.

“Good girl.”