Bunk Mates

Written & Edited By: Valnoressa


Casey and Vel loved the nights when the barracks were completely empty and both of them had the night off. Nothing but the pair of them and a big empty room all to themselves for a whole three hours, it was more than enough time for most people but these two always managed to go right down to the wire with finishing up.

Casey had an impressive amount of stamina for such a little guy and it was always down to Vel to help speed things up when they were taking too long to reach their messy end. Yet there was always a sure fire way to help Casey along and that was Vel’s large blue palms smacking furiously at that tiny human’s womanly backside.

Smack! Smack! Smack-Smack-Smack! The spanks landed in a flurry of flesh against flesh, Casey’s pleasured moans growing louder with each one as he sped up the movement of his hips to glide up and down the gargantuan cock of which he could only take half at best. It was enough though, more than Vel would ever expect him to take without causing his lover injury – though Casey always remarked that one day he’d be able to take it all right down to the base. Vel always chuckled dismissively at his words, but part of him was sure that it would happen eventually out of the Human’s sheer willpower alone.

As he gazed up at his beautiful human lover riding him with such determination, Vel smiled to himself as he recalled their early sexual encounters. Going through a whole bucket of murloc oil during the first penetrations just to lube up his big blue shaft enough to only get part of the tip inside. The constant starting and stopping of sex from Casey’s painful discomfort, the times when they’d spend those entire three hours frozen solid with Vel’s cock inside Casey in an attempt to gradually mold his anal canal to the shape of Vel’s shaft. In all that time neither one complained or wanted to stop, because both of them wanted to eventually be at the point where they could make love when they wanted like a normal couple.

They weren’t a normal couple though, Casey was a Human from 35 years in the future of an alternate timeline that Vel had likely not survived as many other Draenei had not. Yet here they were, brought together by the impossible and now entirely inseparable. They had been at their lewd acts for almost two hours and forty-five minutes by this point, the glistening mist of sweat clung to the skin of both. The smacking of Casey’s rear now had an extra echoing crack to it, the moisture upon his cheeks allowing for such a lewd sound to reverberate around the stone walled barracks.

This was it, it was the time when they’d finish together.

Casey’s eyes were closed so he wouldn’t see it coming as Vel pulled his large hand out as far as he could before rocketing it towards Casey’s rear for the hardest smacking he had probably ever given the Human. That was the one that broke the balance, Casey moaned and his lower body quivered in ecstasy, thick white strands flung from his much smaller cock on to Vel’s stomach in a sticky mess. The Draenei could feel every beat of his lover’s orgasm from the inside, the shaky legs and the uncontrolled tightening around his cock pushing him too over the edge.

Casey orgasmed again within seconds of the last one, this time from the white hot seed being pumped to his core for a good few seconds that felt like an eternity. It was so overwhelming for the little guy that it caused him to blackout from the unchecked pleasure it had caused him. It wasn’t the first time and he knew he was in safe hands whenever it happened, Vel wouldn’t let him injure himself from such a wonderful experience.

Casey briefly came to moments later, his cheek pressed against the warm blue and firm chest of Vel. A wave of exhaustion had overtaken him as he began to fade away to sleep while listening to the calming thumps of Vel’s heart through his chest.

The Draenei smiled as he watched his beloved fall into the comfort of sleep upon him, he stroked Casey’s hair softly at the back and whispered: “Rest now my little Fox, you did great.”

A name he had given the Human a while back because of his silky fox colored hair and perhaps because of his ability to do the unexpected, much like a sly fox.

Vel placed a final kiss on Casey’s forehead as he pulled across the curtain of his bunk and turned his gaze to the pictures on the wall. He peered between them as each movement of his eyes made his lids feel heavier and heavier. Until eventually the pair lay together in Vel’s bunk, sleeping peacefully and contently in the embrace of one another.