Tower Duty

Written & Edited By: Valnoressa


“Me think she wake up.”  Val heard one deep grumbled voice say, “At last! me think maybe you hit dis one too hard like the last one.” She heard a second similar sounding voice say, though this voice sounded deeper.

The young druid rubbed at her eyes, attempting to get the blurred vision to dissipate as she could make out the forms of two large and green beings in front of her. Letting herself focus at last, she found herself peering up at two Orcs clad in the unmistakble guard armor of the Horde.

“You enemy. We capture for Horde!” one grunted accusingly, quickly followed by the other chiming in; “Spy! We interrogate! Sexy Undead Warchief honor us!” He added a mischievous grin and a worrying chuckle to that suggestion, peering down at the Elf.

Val shivered a little, bringing her dainty hands up to her body to find herself devoid of all clothing. In fact she could see her clothing, it was dangling from the torch handle that illuminated the cramped guard tower’s roof level, burning away as fuel for the light.

“I’m not a spy, I’m just a travelling druid. Nothing more.” The young druidess replied in a strained tone while rubbing her head, her restorative magic emanating from her palm and undoing the troublesome headache she had got from being clubbed over the head by one of these two Orcs.

As her gaze turned back up to the Orcs, she found them looming over her. She hadn’t noticed them remove their pants and was now looking up at two large, thick green cocks dangling mere inches from her face. Both were incredibly girthy and long, and the cocks had a strong musk like they had been standing around here under the sun all day.

Her eyes widened and an audible gulp lumped in her throat as her luminous gaze saw their grinning simple faces peering eagerly at her. “You pretty enemy. We fuck you.” One said, the other nodding a bit too much as he agreed “Me want puss. Me make baby in her.” He stated, much to the displease of the other.

“NO! ME FUCK PUSSY! ME MAKE STRONGERER BABY” he shouted angrily, shoving the other Orc. Val brought her palm to her face, shaking her head a little as she muttered under her breath. “By the goddess. Peons, why did it have to be Peons?”

She watched them argue for twenty minutes before an arm wrestle managed to help them decide who would get her pussy. The red eyed Orc was victorious, winning the arm wrestling everytime without fail. The pair of simpletons thumped back over to Val having settled their dispute at last.

“Okay me fuck pussy and he fuck butt. We do same time so it fair.” The arm wrestling winner stated to Val like it was a suggestion, but was clearly a statement of fact. The other one nodded in agreement as he grinned that creepy eager expression at her, this time while stroking himself.

Things turned rough quickly as one yanked Val up from the floor by her hair, manhandling her first to a standing position and then grabbing her by the midriff and lifting her like a child lifts a doll or figure. She weighed nothing to the Orc as he lifted her half a metre from the ground in one hand, lining her up with his waist line as he grunted monstrously. His cock twitching and pulsing with lustful hunger as if it could sense the presence of Val’s smooth nethers near to him.

Before she even had a chance to react, she was looking up at the night sky of Durotar. Head back with a deep trembling gasp and moan falling from her lips. When she finally brought her gaze back down, she could see the Orc grinning smugly with a blissful expression and his cock almost entirely invisible, impaled mostly inside the Elf.

Her body felt weak all of a sudden, like she was victim to some dastardly Warlock’s drain life spell. Leaching her of strength, control and clear thinking as the hand gripping her body pulled her deeper still.

“Hahah! Now my turn!” the other Orc bellowed, his large body pressing up against Val’s from behind. The crown of his cock already prodding and pushing against her rear as the realization of what was going to happen caused her eyes to widen. “W-wait! Both of you won’t f-“.

Her words were quickly interrupted as the second Orc grunted lowly and in an almost beastial manner as he pushed himself inside her from behind. The young Elf finding herself sandwiched between these two brutes and impaled deeply on both of them as she cried out at the sensation overpowering her body.

“Nnghh! Tiny Elf is so tight! Me need more room!” the Orc taking her ass grunted through gritted teeth as he grabbed at her plump cheeks, spreading them with his large green and dirty fingers in an attempt to spread her ass wider for his girthy cock.

Valnoressa’s knees quivered as her lower body felt incredibly strange. The presence of the two large cocks burying themselves deep within her giving an odd feeling of fullness, like she had just ate a large meal and could eat no more. It wasn’t until she looked down she noticed why.

She could see a strange lump at her tummy, one she couldn’t identify until her hand ran over it. It was the Orc’s cock hitting inside her from behind, he was so deep in her with that frighteningly large cock that it was causing this odd sensation.

And then it came, the two brutes began to thrust in an almost flawless pattern. As one pulled out the other pushed in, over and over, never breaking that pattern even as they gained speed. Were it not happening to her, Val might have even considered it impressive to behold considering their apparent intelligence.

They growled and grunted deeply as the act became rougher and more intense. Their huge green testicles starting to have enough momentum to swing up and slap against Val’s perineum with each powered thrust. A loud clapping sound emanating as confirmation to Val that they were indeed giving her the entire lengths of their savage emerald cocks.

Even stranger to Val though, was that the pain began to subside and the pleasure was starting to take a larger stake. The copious amounts of pre-cum and juices coating their thick relentless members enough to make this experience almost… enjoyable.

She pressed forward with her upper body, her arms grabbing at the strong shoulders of the Orc deep inside her pussy. Her head pressed against his masculine and muscular chest as her discomforted grunts and cries out started to sound more like moans of blissful pleasure.

The two Orcs peered at each other, seemingly quite confused by the sudden change in tone from Val. “Why you enjoy Elf! We rape you! You not meant to enjoy!!” The Orc behind shouted, his hand coming up in a callous and abrupt smack to the Druid’s buxom rear. The flesh of her rear rippling and wobbling wonderfully, her peachy smooth cheek turning red with the imprint of the brute’s palm.

An adorable whimper fell from those lips as her rear was smacked, the front Orc noticing her bite at her lip in clear enjoyment. “She like it! Why she like!” he yelled in confusion, the other Orc looking deep in thought for a moment, tapping his big chin as the lightbulb went off in his head with his ingenious plan.

“ME KNOW! We rape elf harder!” he blurted out, his fellow Orc seemingly in awe of the genius plan. A plan that sent the pair off into an almost bloodlusted state of sexual domination, pistoning their cocks in and out of Val to a degree that looked even too rough for an Orcish woman.

Five hours had passed as the morning sun over Durotar began to raise on the desert horizon and cast a soft warming light over the guard tower’s top level. One of the Orc’s had seemingly given up or over exerted himself as he lay naked on his back in the single cot. His cock flaccid and dripping from the foreskinned tip with small drops of seed.

Just beside him was an exhausted looking Val still on all fours, her body dirty with sand and dripping with semen from her face, torso and just about everywhere else. Her eyelids looked heavy and her expression was one of vacant exhaustion.

Her body made small sways back and forth as an even more exhausted looking Orc still pushed inside her from behind. His large verdant hands gripping her curvy hips as he thrusted himself half heartedly inside her pussy. Each tiresome thrust making the squish and lewd squelching sound of a pussy that most certainly been given it’s fair share of seed.

The druid’s tummy looked more bulged than last night, though this time it was more rounded out and covering a larger area. Her tummy hanging lower as it was clear that her tummy was entirely full of copious amounts of Orc seed.

“M-me not tired… me just… rest… eyes…” the second Orc said unconvincingly, his words trailing off before finally he collapsed forward on top of Val. He was impossibly heavy and he was still buried balls deep inside her as he began to snore obnoxiously loud beside Val’s long slender ear.

She tried to pull herself out from under him, but she was far too weak and tired to manage it. Such a task would have been hard enough if she wasn’t exhausted from the night’s activities. For now it felt like she had a heard of Kodo weighing her down.

She had hoped to outlast the pair and escape by the morning, but it was not to be. It was clear to her now that she would be their prisoner for another night. Letting out a deep sigh, she pulled the hand of the Orc pinning her to the ground under her chin before nuzzling her cheek and head into it. It was to be her pillow as she sought to get some sleep. She would need her rest, she was sure that tomorrow night would not be any different.

Her heavy eyelids finally beginning to sink over her luminous eyes as the young druidess muttered to herself quietly:

“Peons… why did it have to be Peons…?”