The Price of Information

Written & Edited By: Valnoressa


 “I know where ya target be, pretty.” The towering Troll revealed as he grinned down beneath his mask at the boy peering up at him, the Elven emerald eyes waiting expectantly for the information he needed. “Buuut… we gonna have ta change de price.” He stated, peering at the Elf’s reaction with his three digit hands near the blades on his belt just in case.

“I already paid for the information, Darkspear. I’m not someone you want to screw over when it comes to coin.” Saran responded in his clearly noble Sin’dorei voice, his lids narrowing as he too hovered his hands near the hilts of his blades as his voice showed aggression.

Now just be waiting a moment ‘mon. I don’t be wantin’ more coin… I just want to sweeten da deal now that we be meetin’ for da first time.” The Troll spoke, moving his three pronged hands away from his blades to help relax the tension.

“Ya be a pretty one, dere be no doubt bout that boy. So what say I give ya half of ya coin back and ya give me a piece of da pretty?”  The Troll said with raised suggestive brows, his eyes tracing over the Elf’s womanly form as he leaned down to be more level with the Elven pretty boy.

“Speak plainly for goodness sake. Half of my coin back for what?” Saran sharply replied, clearly not catching on to the Troll’s colloquialisms but showing interest in getting back his hard earned coin.

The Troll grinned again beneath his mask his thick fingers reached down to the belt of his pants and opened them at the top. He kept an unbroken gaze with the Elf as his huge blue cock flopped forward from the gap in his pants, hanging low nearly to his knee and not even fully erect - it was incredible. “Clear enough for ya, pretty? Half ya coin back and ya let me fill ya with mah mojo.”

If it wasn’t clear enough before, it certainly was now. Saran’s eyes peered at the impossibly large Troll cock dangling before him, he swallowed hard as he failed to keep a poker face in it’s presence, yet he would haggle the price none the less. “Seventy five percent of the gold back. Do we have a deal?” Saran retorted, his negotiating voice more steady than his expression would suggest.

“Deal. Take ya clothes off n’ turn round, boy. Kuba gonna beat ya booty like a war drum real good!” Kuba let out a muffled laugh from behind his mask while watching Saran begin to undress. “Dis be da price of information from Kuba when ya be pretty!” the towering blue Troll gleefully proclaimed, his cock growing long and hard as he watched the Elf’s supple and tender skin come into view as the outfit parted from it. By the time Saran was naked, the Troll was more than ready to begin.

"This information better be good, Troll." Saran declared, his gaze drawn over his shoulder as he turned from the Darkspear. Saran cupped his hands over his own genitals as he turned away - he wasn't sure if he was embarrassed or intimidated by the Troll's far superior length and girth. It felt like both.

Kuba thundered a three fingered slap across the Elf's rear, the rough flesh of his tri-point palm connecting with the soft and supple peachy skin of Saran's bubble butt. His hands gripped at both of the boy's cheeks, gathering the tender mounds in his grip and spreading them boldly apart. "Quitcha posturin' boy. Ain't nobody here but 'chu and me. Ya don't gotta act tough for ol' Kuba." The Troll spoke, his tone teasing and jestful as he pushed his hips forward to rest his unfathomably large cock between Saran's cheeks.

The tip prodded at the hole before sliding upwards to rest between the Elven buns. Saran's jaw clenched and loosened in that moment, thinking that perhaps this Troll was about to go in dry and breathing a sigh of relief audibly when it didn't happen. The Elf's ears twitched slightly as he could hear the footsteps of people walking about on the wooden docks above him. The distant sound of chatting rogues, pirates and all manner of scoundrels echoing down the sewer tunnels known to them as the Hall of Shadows.

In a place of many shadowy characters, he wondered if any of them were watching him right now. Were they watching his shame as he willingly gave himself over to this Troll as a bitch just for intel on a Legion commander's location? What if they were taking pictures of him for blackmail use in the future? What if one of the other Uncrowned saw him and informed the others? What if. What if!

All the questions were spinning around in his mind as the Troll poured some strong scented lubricant on to his mighty darkspear shaft. Even in the face of all those concerning 'What if' questions, Saran could feel his own cock prodding against his tender palms cupped around it.

They weren't cupping his genitals for long though, Kuba had pulled his dainty arms free of their frontal hold and had taken them behind Saran's back by the wrists. Kuba's cock was pulsing and twitching like crazy, Saran could feel it's girthy rush nuzzled between his cheeks like it was ready to explode.

"Are we going to do this or wha-!" Saran's words were cut short, his mouth dropping open in a gasp and quickly becoming a gritted teeth with a grunted moan squeezing out between them. Kuba had pushed his lubricated cock almost entirely inside the boy and was already going to work on him with full strokes of his hips.

"Arch 'ya back bitch! Dis be my ass now!" Kuba spoke dominantly, his words as well as his actions making Saran's hips easily controlled and the Elf boy's legs weak with lust. "Nnngh! Ya be tighta' than a Goblin's wallet! I ain't gonna last long, pretty!" Kuba added, his strokes beginning to get longer, faster and harder with each passing moment.

Saran's head hung forward as his pulled back arms anchored him from falling on his face. His luminous emerald eyes peered down at the wooden planks beneath his feet, to his small erect cock bouncing wildly from the momentum hitting him from behind and then to the startling sight at his tummy.

He could see a bump forming and disappearing at his stomach, appearing only when Kuba fully entered him and disappearing when he pulled out. 'By the Sunwell!' Saran thought to himself - 'That's his cock! I can see his cock fucking me!' the Elf gazed on in delightful awe at the sight, unable to look away.

At least not until Kuba's rugged palm wrapped around his neck, pulling his head upwards as he squeezed the Elf's throat slightly. The sensation was intense for him - the feeling of this strong hand around his neck that could crush him like an ant was both terrifying and incredibly arousing. Perhaps more so than he had expected.

The Troll's hips pounded relentlessly against Saran's bubble butt, beating it red just with his thrusting alone. His large cobalt balls swung like a pendulum to smack against the Elf's far smaller pair, colliding with them like a pair of mojo filled wrecking balls. It sent Saran over the edge without him or Kuba having ever touched his cock. His feminine voice broke free with a womanly moan as his cock began to sling out ropes of cum onto the planks beneath his feet and some nearby crates. And then everything went black.

As he opened his eyes, he had to take a short moment to realize what had happened. He had blacked out during an orgasm for the first time ever! Only a minute had passed but it felt strangely like he had been out of it longer.

"Back wid' me pretty? Good. I wanted ya to be awake for dis part." the Troll jested again, his hips increasing their tempo as he thundered his cock in and out of the Elf's tightly gripping hole towards the finish. Saran's own cock dribbled the remainders of cum from the tip to the planks beneath his feet as was still regaining himself from such an intense orgasm.

Though he would soon be hit with another as he first heard the pleasured, elongated grunts of Kuba behind him followed by the white hot sensation of the Troll's juices flowing into him. It quickly filled him and had nowhere else to go but back out the way it came as it seeped and trickled out around the Troll's cock and ultimately out of Saran's hole.

Saran hadn't noticed that yet though, by now he was only beginning to recover from a second orgasm induced blackout from the Troll's use of him. This time however, there was no movement from the Troll's hips - but Saran could feel something being pressed into his right palm as it dangled at his side.

It was a scroll, marked with the seal of a skull - a common practice among his  kind when a mark of death was placed on a target. Saran wrapped his fingers tightly around his hard earned reward with the strength he had remaining. Kuba walked the Elf towards a nearby stack of crates, letting him fall against it for support when he unsheathed himself from Saran's rear and began to dress to take his leave.

"K-kuba... my coin." The elf boy weakly demanded, though he was certainly in no position to make demands as he lay slumped, Troll mojo leaking from his hole.

"Considah' it a down payment on me services, boy. Come find Kuba anytime ya be needin' intel." The scoundrel said with a grin beneath his mask and a teasing tone to his voice. "...Or just anytime ya be wanting to be me lil' bitch boy again. Nhuahah!" he jested at the exhausted Elf as he faded into the darkness, disappearing from view by the naked eye.

Even as Saran lay robbed of strength and his coin, he had his intel and an overwhelming feeling of sexual satisfaction he had not felt since Silvermoon and his brother. Even when he had been fucked intensely and scammed by a wiley Troll - a grin was the expression upon his feminine face. As if he had got exactly what he wanted and more.