Here cums the… bride?

Written by Valnoressa


Casey buried his blushing face deeply into the pillow he hugged beneath him, as Vel gently slid the white lace panties down his freckle dusted rear. The red haired boy lifted his face with a bite of his bottom lip when the familiar warm shape of his husband’s cock gently hot dogged between his soft, plump and womanly buns.

“I truly do have the most beautiful wife in all of Azeroth... and Draenor!” Vel pronounced with a boastful compliment, his admiring eyes tracing up and down Casey’s form, his blue cock becoming engorged as the warm hug of Casey’s ass cheeks enveloped it. To call Vel well endowed was an understatement, from tip to base it was quite a bit longer than Casey’s forearm and certainly thicker than it too - in fact it put most other races of Azeroth to shame.

Casey tilted his head, turning it enough to cast his emerald gaze up to Vel, his freckle sprinkled cheeks still carrying the blush from before. Though his eyes were glazed with a wet, sparkling shine, the welling of tears had formed in them but he carried a smile upon his painted lips. They were joyful tears yet to trickle down his cheeks. “I love you so much, Vel.” The human boy said, his voice breaking a little as he tried to steady himself.

Vel smiled at his new boy-wife, offering a gentle caress with his large rugged palm, pushing the fire-red hair from his face over the boy’s ear. He let his large azure thumb come down to the boy’s cheeks to catch and wipe away his joyful, emotional tears before they ruined his make up.

“And I love you, my boy. That smile means everything to me, but now I would hear your pleasured cries. The pleasured cries of my wife.” He shared sincerely, leaning down to press his lips against that of the human’s. Though as their lips rolled together and their tongues battled between where the lip borders met, Vel gently guided his large azure cock into Casey’s ass. The boy’s hole surrendered to the shaft, greeting it like a friend as it widened and enveloped to his gargantuan size with incredible ease. Their kiss never broke as inch after inch sank inside for the first time as husband and wife.

The pair embraced and kissed for the longest time in this position, the Draenei deeply hilted inside his boy-wife, loving and lusting over him as they lay upon those white cotton sheets. Casey was blissfully enjoying the radiating warmth of his husbands huge cock pitted so deeply inside him. He felt full, both full in the manner of being filled with his husband’s love and in the literal sense as well.

As much as he enjoyed it, he also had much to endure with a Draenei so well endowed as his husband. With every inch inside the human, it’s reach would cause the boy’s tummy to bulge in a diameter about the size of an apple. It was a strange sensation, equally uncomfortable and erotic to Casey at the same time. As he rested his palm over the area where his husband’s cock bulged his tummy, he smiled a little to himself as he recalled the first time it had happened. How the shock of such a sight had caused him to go pale and faint. Now he simply couldn’t imagine not seeing it or feeling it.

For Vel, it was a familiar feeling and sight. Though an always welcome one too, none felt as good wrapped around his massive blue shaft than his beloved. By the Naaru, he loved that freckle dusted rear. He loved the way his peach bum contrasted against the cobalt blue of his cock as the two became one, how the rear turned red with the beat of his hips against it and how his boy’s hole gaped so wide from his size that he doubted a human could ever pleasure Casey again.

Not all his loves were lustful or sexual of course, he loved the dimples in the small of Casey’s back, how they caught the light when his back became misty with the sweat of pleasure. He adored that red silky hair, it was like an unyielding forge fire that was almost illuminating in it’s own right. Most of all he adored those emerald eyes, how they looked at him with adoration, respect, trust and lust. Human eyes had always intrigued him, but Casey’s had cast a spell on him that he was never hoping to be broken from.
As time went on, the romantic loving gave way to the true type of sex the pair were used to. In their minds, the romantic night didn’t mean the things they enjoyed had to take a back seat. On the contrary, tonight was the night to embrace, love and make love how both always enjoyed doing. Vel had taken just about all he could of that teasing, plump rear hugging his cock so tightly, so he took the initiative as he always did.

It started with the Draenei leaning his upper body downward, pressing those azure pectoral muscles against the back of his boy-wife. He wrapped those tree trunk sized arms around Casey and held him tightly in a bear hug from behind as the boy remained prone on the soft cotton bed. With his freckled rump still lifted and presented with a Draenic cock firmly hilted inside to it’s absolute depths.

That was until Vel began to lift and powerfully drop his hips down into Casey’s rear with precision angling, ensuring the boy’s prostate was hit with that giant blue missile entering and exiting him. The Draenei’s grunts and moans were more than audible as he felt Casey’s hole cling eagerly to him, he may have spent the past couple years rearranging that boy’s ass to the shape of his cock, but it was still a tight fit and one hell of a vice around him. Not that he was complaining.

It always took Casey a little bit of time to adjust and to get his breath back after his hubby started dropping deep and hard inside him with those powerful hips of his. It wasn’t uncommon for them to have to stop for him to catch his breath from it being literally pounded out of him. The sheer power of the man was overwhelming and while he had grown more used to it, he doubted he’d ever truly master the awe that was his husband’s stamina and grand size. Casey’s moans were unapologetic and loud, though their little cottage was two miles away from the nearest neighbor or village so there was little chance of disturbing anyone in a forest as big as Elwynn.

”Nngh! You’re my wife now, Cay. That means I’m going to -Ngh!- have to fuck you -Agh!- Every day.” Vel announced into the boy’s ear as he leaned over him, still power dropping those hips inside him as he spoke. “No wife of mine will be lonely and unsatisfied. I love you. -Ngh!- and this ass too much to let that happen! -Raghh!-” he continued, shoving his mighty length and girth deeply with each pause to literally nail the emphasis of his words into the boy’s rear.

Casey was quite a fan of that idea, proven pretty quickly by the ropes of cum he launched from his adorable little pecker onto the cotton bed sheets beneath him. Though they both knew it was only the first of many tonight, there was no waiting or downtime between their love making - they’d go until neither of them had the energy to keep going as they always did.

Over two hours in and Casey was now on his back, peering up into the eyes of his loving husband. His legs pushed back until his knees were practically parallel to his head on either side. His hole was gaped to it’s limit, to the limits of the human body for sure. It was apparently called a ‘mating press’ and he had seen it in one of those Cassie Sexodar adult movies. After all, in order to be a better girl to his husband it seemed best to learn from the most experienced, or so he reasoned at least. That and he enjoyed watching the men the buxom Draenei was often partnered up with. Especially those days where Vel was working late and he needed a sexual outlet that just couldn’t wait.

Regardless, this was his favorite position of all he had tried with Vel. He could watch the ripped form of his muscular husband bearing down on him, the lust in his eyes and the hungry sexual desire as that incredible man mating pressed him. In this position, Vel’s mighty cock reached deeper and truer than it ever had before inside Casey, so much so that Vel had been a little nervous about doing it when Casey first suggested it.

Though having done it plenty of times now, Vel too shared a love for the erotic feeling of sending his girth that intimately deep inside his newly wed wife. Though he was all too familiar with the internal feel of Casey by now to have any worry of causing him harm. That had been what all their training was for.

”I hear those sissy whimpers, my boy. You’re gonna cum again?” Vel asked, teasing his wife a little as he kept his brutish, deep thrusts bearing down on the human boy. “Mmmhgnn. You feel that, my love? You feel how deep I am in you. Deep enough to put a baby in you, eh?” He said with a grin before picking up the pace a little.

Casey’s dainty digits grabbed and gripped at the hard muscular flesh of his husband for dear life as that eight foot tall husband of his held little back as he made his barely five and half foot boy-wife endure the weight and power of his piston like hips. The boy cursed, cried out, moaned and took the light’s name in vain throughout.

”Ah! Yess… I’m so close, Vel! I’m gonna… I’m gonna!! Ahhh!!” Casey cried out as his little cock launched out another couple of ropes of seed for the fourth time since they had started. This batch landing on his chest and face, essentially giving himself a rather unplanned facial in the process.

It was clear that one had taken a lot out of him as he slumped a little beneath Vel. Though as timely as ever, Vel wasn’t far behind as he violently pounded his own load downward inside his wife. Though being a Draenei, the amount he deposited was far beyond what a Human could produce. His seed filled Casey’s rear quickly until it overflowed and seeped out around the edges of his cock buried inside the boy. Dribbling down those freckled cheeks and crevices until they pooled on the mattress beneath them.

”I love you, Cay.” Vel whispered, keeping himself hilted inside his wife as he panted heavily.
”I love you too, Vel.” Casey replied, the mist of sweat clinging to his tiny body as he gazed up lovingly at the Draenei.

Vel grinned mischievously as he wiped the sweat from his brow upon his trunk like forearm, before grabbing his wife’s hips and turning Casey over onto his front again. His gaped, seed filled hole a sight to behold and one he savored for a moment before stuffing his big blue bullish cock into it, sending the seed squelching out as continued into another session of fucking as if he hadn’t just expelled a mighty load. His impressive stamina once again on show as he pounded his hips down into that hole, with no intent of stopping anytime soon.

”Ah, I think my new wife deserve another two loads before we stop! Ain’t that right, Cay?”
He announced, sending a playful smack onto the freckled butt.

”Hah! Annnhhhnn! Lets make it three!” Casey replied, through a chuckle and blissful moan, not willing to be outdone yet.


Casey was leaned over into his Husband’s lap, his lips placed firmly around the head of that shaft as the Draenei sat on the edge of the more than a little messy bed. The boy hummed sweetly as he lapped his tongue and rolled his lips over the entire shaft, seemingly giving it quite a thorough clean of the seed it had expelled.

Vel stroked that fire-red hair of his with one palm, smiling sweetly as the boy saw him well cleaned. He adored this part as it was something he had never asked Casey to do, the Human always insisted on cleaning his lover with his mouth - claiming it was his responsibility, the Draenei wasn’t convinced that it was but he wasn’t about to tell him no. Not when he looked so damned cute doing it.

Seemingly done, Casey sprung up to his feet as he swallowed what remnants of seed he collected. The boy smiled at his husband lovingly, standing rather femininely as he offered his husband a kiss which Vel more than happily returned in kind, holding his hips lovingly as he did.

”Ah, my wife. You really are a good boy aren’t you?” Vel said as he fondled that butt of his a little, his azure lips placing affectionate little kisses down Casey’s flat chest and tummy. “Such a shame that I have to punish you though.” he added, his tone suddenly a little more ominous.

Casey blinked a little, watching his husband pull back and give him a stern almost paternal folded arm gaze. He looked more than a little concerned by it, wondering what it was he could have possibly done wrong. “Punishment? For what?” He timidly inquired.

”You forgot to hide those Cassie Sexodar erotic film rolls the last time you watched them. Been playing with that little pecker while your husband is off working hard, huh?” He said with that stern look cracking into a smile a bit, his facade of false disappointment fading as he watched Casey’s fidget and twiddle his fingers, refusing to make eye contact. It only confirmed his guilt on the matter.

”Not to worry, dear boy. For I have a solution that benefits us both.” Vel said as he reached over to the bed side table, pulling out a drawer and lifting out a white ribbon tied box about the size of a cupcake, offering it over to the femboy.

Casey very much doubted it was a cupcake, more so as that cheeky grinned formed on his husband’s face. He blinked a little as he opened it, staring down at some kind of metal device that seemed to be goblin made in nature. Along the top, it confirmed it’s origins as it was adorned with the manufacturer’s logo and device name. “Professor Jizzlauncher’s Sissy Sealing Device?” Casey questioned, looking over to his husband rather confounded as to the purpose of the item.

Vel chuckled a little, softly pulling his boy-wife towards him by the hips as he took out the item. He opened the caged top of it before gently beginning to fasten it to Casey’s less than impressive sized manhood. He fed Casey’s taut and adorable sized testicles through a metallic ringed hole on the bottom before clicking the device shut, successfully caging the boy’s genitals within it. As it sealed shut, a magical ping sound and a blue glimmer appeared to seal around the device.

”With this, there won’t be anymore playing with yourself while I’m working my butt off at the lumber mill. If I must endure the time away from between your thighs then so must you, my dear.” Vel said with a smirk, eyeing Casey as he anticipated his reaction.

Casey blinked, eyeing the device attached to him with intrigue. He wiggled his hips a little, his tiny cock flopping from side to side inside the seemingly well fastened cage. He tugged it a couple of times and tried to pry it open to no avail, he was stuck in that thing and it wasn’t coming off without Vel’s say so.

”By the light… I love it! This is the best wedding present we’ve gotten! This is gonna be so much fun, Vel!” He said with all the adorable gusto and excitement Vel had been hoping to hear. He headed over to a nearby mirror in the corner of the room to get a better look and strike a few poses while wearing it.

Vel chuckled, joining him over at the mirror as he gave his red hair a ruffle before turning and picking him up by the hips. He lifted Casey clean off the floor with impressive ease, as if the boy weighed nothing at all. He embraced and kissed him, something Casey returned in full as he did. For these two, it had been the perfect end to a perfect day. And it seemed only that many more happy, erotic and fun days lay ahead in their marriage.

The End