A Sheep Among Wolves

Written By: Valnoressa  


Saran squirmed and struggled against the large Kul’tiran’s grip as he was marched off the ship to the Boralus docks. Standing at the darker side of the slipway was the man he had been sent here to kill, Lord Artemis. He was finely dressed in clothing beyond the coin purse of a common man, his monocle glinting sharply in the moonlight as he peered down the sheltered area of the dock towards the boy who had come here to kill him.

“Has the Uncrowned grown so bold that they’d send a weak boy to end my life?” Artemis sneered, his monocled gaze peering down at Saran with contempt. “And one of Alleria’s curs no less.” He shook his head, tutting lightly as he inspected the defiant expression that Saran carried. “I’m unsure what to do with a good for nothing assassin like you. Suggestions, Angus?” Artemis questioned, his gaze raising to the lumbering Kul’tiran grasping Saran tightly by his arms, pinning them behind his back. Angus stroked the Ren’dorei’s cheek with his large clammy palm, chuckling with a wobble of his large belly as he licked his lips suggestively before speaking.

“He’s a pretty one, m'lord. You know I have a thing for the girly lads. Give 'em to me and I'll break his lil' cunt by the morning.” The large man grinned, turning Saran’s chin up and giving the boy a mocking smooch gesture as he towered over him. Saran looked disgusted by the notion, visibly worried by the idea of being left alone with the lumbering oaf of a man - his gaze turned back to Artemis with hope that he'd refuse the suggestion, but was met with disappointment.

“Very good, Angus. Begin now as I'd like to see this coward of the shadows where he belongs. On his knees before his betters." The lord remarked, gesturing with a wave of his hand for the brute to begin. Angus nodded and set his hands to the task.

Angus wasted little time in seeing Saran stripped of his clothing, using his blade to easily part through the bindings of his armor. Saran squirmed and struggled against the rough treatment, protesting and cursing the bulky Kul’tiran as each piece of his sneaking suit was removed. Artemis raised a brow as his brute suddenly burst into a thunderous laugh at what lay beneath the armor. He manhandled Saran in front of Lord Artemis to show him the boy’s shameful choice of undergarment - a pair of long purple lace topped stockings and an equally lewd purple thong in place of more masculine underwear. It looked custom tailored too, the thong was spacious at the front with a lacey pouch ample enough to support his less than impressive package.

"Haha! Look boss, he's already dressed up for me. Ya' shouldn't have darlin'!" Angus taunted, he twirled him around for the lord to humiliate him before leaning down to slip his tongue into Saran's mouth. His tongue was invasive and overpowering as it clashed with the Ren'dorei's own, the stench of his breath was putrid too - a strong mix of whiskey, cigars and just poor hygiene in general. It made Saran feel slightly ill everytime those thick lips pressed against his, grunting and moaning in a revolting manner.

“The Uncrowned send a sissy to do a man’s job, is it any wonder SI:7 were keen to sell them out?” The lord chuckled, his index finger and thumb stroking his chin in surprise. “Don't hold back then Angus. If the boy favors the company of men then I'd see him ruined for all others who come after.” He commanded, kicking over a stack of crates for Angus to pin the elf against

Angus winded the Elf with a firm punch to the gut, aiming to give himself enough time to drag him by the hair over to the stack of crates. It worked, Saran gasped for air and control of his breath as Angus did what he desired with such ease and precision that the Elf was certain that he was not the first to be so roughly handled by the man. The Kul'tiran's touch was rugged and rough as his labor textured palms grabbed and groped at every inch of his precious body. Everytime Saran dared to protest or struggle, the brute would slap repeatedly at his rear, pull on his purple hair or grapple whatever part of his body was foolish enough to try and break free of his grasp.

Saran's thick brows raised as he felt the heavy thud of the brute's cock drop against his ass cheeks, a gasp escaped his tender lips and a look of fear dawned upon his face - much to the enjoyment of Lord Artemis. Angus beat the boy's cheeks with his cock a few times, spurring his quickly hardening cock to do so faster - to Saran it felt like being clubbed with the thing, it actually hurt to be hit with. His ears twitched at the sound of a long, gutteral snorting sound coming from behind him, followed by the warm and slimey feeling of a large glob of spit landing against his asshole - one stirred in by the tip of the Kul'tiran's thick cock.

"That's a pretty cunt, boy. Almost a shame to ruin it! Almost!" he taunted again before hatefully pushing inside the Elf.

Before he knew it Saran was being barrelled down on by the thug, his saliva lubricated cock thrusting mercilessly into his hole and shoving deeper still. The lord walked around the pair now that the action had begun, using a S.E.L.F.I.E camera to take pictures of the deed as it unfolded. Saran had not noticed him doing so, his eyes closed and his head buried against the crate beneath him as he struggled to adjust to the Kul'tiran man.

Angus’ cock was incredible and terrifying at the same time, it’s girth was more than enough to fill Saran’s hole from wall to wall with ease and gape it further still. His punishing length made his stomach bulge with each deeply placed thrust inside. The man didn’t appear to be magically gifted yet Saran could feel himself being drained physically by his assault, so much that he couldn’t focus himself at all to conjure some manner of void magic to aid his escape.

“You have things well in hand here, my friend. I shall leave you to your fun, toss his naked body on a boat home in the morning.” Artemis stated, giving his loyal minion a pat on the arm as he leaned down to whisper into Saran’s ear.

“Return to these lands to take up your foolish mission again and I’ll make sure these photos of my man taking you like a common whore end up in the hands of Blood Knight Embervale in Silvermoon.” Artemis peered into the boy’s eyes, his face one of grim and unwavering destestment of the would be assassin. He dangled the shameful photos of his rape in front of the Elf. Saran’s eyes widened at the lord’s knowledge of his brother and their relationship, he truly was as connected and devious as rumoured and the boy dare not speak against him with such leverage over him, he simply nodded in defeat.

“You want some of this boss? I can hold his head while you take his mouth. If he tries to bite I’ll snap his neck!” the thug boasted as his hips pounded forth, forcing pleasured moans and painful grunts from the helpless Elf as the momentum rippled the boy's ass like a stone dropped in water. Artemis shook his head at the offer and gave Saran a knowing grin one final time before making his way from the dock into the shadows of Bolarus. Angus dipped his head in respect to his master before picking up the pace of his brutish thrusts once more.

“It’s just you and me now, boy. Dawn is many hours away and you’ll spend all of them split by my cock.” The brute jested, his large palm smacking at Saran’s violet tinted rear enough to leave harsh prints of his palm upon it.

Saran’s thoughts turned to who in SI:7 had betrayed him. And thoughts of how he would watch the life drain from their eyes upon discovering the culprit. He gave no more attempt to struggle in vain against the brute’s superior strength.

Instead he saved his energy for the long night ahead, he would need it. 


Saran welcomed the warm kiss of the sun upon his face as dawn's first light raised above the harbor of Boralus. His skin was slick with sweat, semen and dirt that had gathered upon it during his ordeal with Angus. He suspected he didn't smell too great either, but he couldn't tell as he lay upon the deck of a ship with his limbs and naked body tangled up among nets that stank of rotten fish and seaweed.

The crew of the ship had certainly noticed him as they made preparations to set sail for the Eastern Kingdoms, yet none seemed concerned by the naked Elf or his predicament. Of course they were ignoring him, they knew who had put him on the ship and that messing in his affairs was unwise - they were afraid to help him and after what he endured he certainly didn't blame them. When he finally gathered the strength to stand he found his legs to be too weak to do so unassisted, he wriggled free of the netting and used a wooden beam to help himself to stand - using the wall as a crutch as he moved below deck.

"Oh my goodness! Are you alright!? Stay there, let me help!" He heard a voice exclaim from behind him, he couldn't turn without great discomfort to see the source however. Thankfully he didn't need to, as a young Kaldorei woman came to his side with a look of concern upon her face for the boy. "I'm familiar with such discomfort and injuries, come let me help you my dear." She reassured him, slipping her shoulder under his armpit to help him walk to a cabin down the hallway.

"T-thank you. Miss... uh?" Saran questioned thankfully, his eyes falling on the beautiful maiden - her luminous white gaze and freckled face peering back at him with genuine concern but equally genuine kindness.

"Ah! I'm Valnoressa. I'll be taking care of you - I'm a healer you see!" She boasted cheerfully, attempting to instill confidence in him about her, knowing full well what kind of night the boy had just endured. "Lay down and rest, by the time you awaken we shall be near Stormwind and you'll be feeling much better! Promise!" she smiled softly, feeling his forehead with her palm as he lay down on the small cabin cot - a far more comfortable thing than the crates he had been pinned against the previous night.

"My name is Saran, Saran Ember-" She placed her finger on his lips to stop him speaking, her eyes glowing a soothing natural green as she did so.

"Rest. You carry many injuries both surface and internal. It will take much of my focus and mana to restore you. I shall soothe your thoughts so that sleep comes easily and undisturbed by thoughts of what brought you to me." She smiled again, stroking his purple hair from his face as he closed his eyes and attempted to fall to sleep. He could hear the gentle humming of an old Kaldorei song coming from Valnoressa, yet it seemed to be fading away with each rise and fall of his breath. He could smell the forests of Eversong as if he were standing right among them, the birds chirping and gentle breeze of the wind upon a summers day in the place he once called home.

Val frowned a little as she peered over his abused and filthy body. He was small and carried a feminine frame in spite of what lay between his legs claiming otherwise. He was pretty and seemed innocent enough to her, she wondered what manner of man or beast could be so cruel with one such as Saran.

Yet with all he had been through the boy rested with a hint of a smile upon his lips from her soothing touch - it reminded her why she did what she did. What happened to him didn't matter, she had the ability to help him and it was all that mattered now. She stayed kneeled at the side of his bed for the remainder of the trip, her hands hovering above his body with soothing green magic taking the form of roots, leaves and butterflies touching his form wherever they needed to. She bathed him of the dirt, sweat and semen upon is tender soft skin as he lay in deepening sleep, hoping to spare him the sad sight of how she had first laid eyes upon him - a broken boy.

And all the while, she hummed that merry song.

The End