The Iron Auction

Written & Edited by: Ethilya


Midnight raids on the Lunarfall Garrison by elite troops of the Iron Horde had been successful quite a few times in the past, with the Alliance being the new troops in the area they had no idea what to expect from the enemy.

Ethilya had been asleep in her overly large bed that night when shadows skulked past her windows. Laying behind her keeping her warm was a 28 year old friend of hers she had been close with since her days of training under the Kirin Tor in Dalaran. A crash through the window and but a moment later they were both awake, startled by the immediacy of the situation while alarm bells rang through out the garrison.

A lumbering Orc threw a small pellet at the women, the flashing glint of his teeth in the moonlit room revealed his grip as he got a good look at both naked Human forms under the transparent satin sheets. He knew they’d fetch a price sooner or later at one of the Goblin slave markets.

It wasn’t long before the guards burst into the room at the top of the Garrison Command Center’s bed Chambers to find glass across the floor, frayed curtains fluttering in the breeze and their Commander and her guest gone. One soldier went to the window to look out, his eyes widened as he saw a group of Orcs standing on the roof below, bows raised and flaming arrows illuminating their monstrous faces. He had little time to react before the arrows came whizzing through the window setting the room on fire and trapping a dozen guards into their terrible fate.

It took three days journey until Ethilya came to, laying over the back of a dire wolf she was tied to a saddle behind a hulking brown behemoth of an Orc. She looked around for Arlene and to her relief she quickly found her friend unconcious, naked and tied securely behind another Orc. She appeared unharmed to Ethilya, no sign of bodily harm or abuse.

The Orc behind her looked over his shoulder and laughed to himself as he saw Ethilya’s eyes gazing with worry towards her friend, he broke his silence and let his rough & heavy voice erupt in acknowledgement. “Assuming she doesn’t try anything stupid she’ll be fine, the same for you Miss Ethilya Marluen.” Ethilya looked up, confused a moment before she tried to shift herself to get a better look at the Orc. While large and muscular, he wasn’t like most male Orcs with smaller shoulders, neck and arms. His armour hadn’t been forged and tempered in extreme heat. Instead he wore dark leather that afforded him mobility and finesse more than protection and his jet white hair flowing back freely from his head. Alliance intelligence had never reported of Orcs like this before.

Ethilya stirred slightly now looking for any weakness in her bindings… but couldn’t find one at all. As the Dire Wolf walked down a dirt path towards a hidden enclosure only just made visible through the dense foliage of the Tanaan jungle, Ethilya broke her silence. “Where are we? Where are you taking us?” She quickly silenced as soon as she saw a building not of Orcs design with the Blackfuse Company logo above the door and she had a pretty good idea by then.

“You can’t be serious, the Blackfuse Company?!” Ethilya sighed in defeat. She had dealt with this bunch before during the Siege of Orgrimmar and knew what they were capable of. Intelligence reports had listed slavery, extortion, prostitution and a multitude of other illicit activities with Alliance female members in the past and she had no reason to suspect anything else to follow.

The gates opened as the group or Orcs made their way into a compound to the sight of a few dozen Alliance females of different races in stocks, naked and potential buyers inspecting them, fondling or groping them. The Goblins on Draenor had created a roaring trade in the slave business since they had travelled with Garrosh. The only thing the women had in common were their uniforms they all wore. Everything was made to objectify, demoralise and degrade them with blue and white Alliance Lion emblems across the front, evening gloves that rose three quarters of the way up their arms and rather revealing crotchless panties and bras. They had each been branded on the left rear cheek leaving a permanent imprint of the Iron Horde to forever brand them as Orc property, no slave was exempt from this treatment.

Three more days had passed and their treatment hadn’t got any better. Arlene had been awoken when she felt the hot brand pressed against her left cheek, biting desperately into a dire wolf’s chew toy as she screamed. Ethilya at the same time was forced to watch her friend as her nipples were pierced a connecting chain and little Iron Horde Emblems. They had been groped, prodded, probed and soon to be sold on stage. An Alliance Commander was a special occasion in any Slave trade often attracting some of Draenor’s wealthiest patrons.

The lights shone bright over the stage drowning out the crowds to a dark silhouette as both Ethilya and Arlene were marched onto the stage by Blackfuse bruisers tugging the heavy iron chains connected to their waists. They each wore high heeled shoes walking in an elegant if fearful manner out on display, everything that needed to be shown was highlighted brilliantly by the lighting. A Goblin called out their names and titles and started the opening bid for Arlene at two thousand gold coins. Hands were quickly raised as the price escalated higher and higher. A Bruiser forcing poor Arlene to bend over to show herself off, spreading her wide to show off her goods for the audience all to induce higher bids. If one thing was spoken true for Goblins, it was their love of gold and the pursuit of it.

The bidding finally capped out at thirty three and a half thousand gold coins after ten minutes of bidding, landing Arlene into the custody of a burly one eyed Orc. The gold and goods exchange was quick, it was not wise to make an Orc wait for his purchase and the Goblins weren’t ones to do so. Within moments of the sale, Arlene was yanked off the stage squirming as the Orc took her back into the crowd to savage roars and cheers. The last Ethilya would see of her friend would be the Orc forcing her onto his brutish and club like cock before the pair would be enveloped by the crowd. Ethilya’s mouth was open slightly in shock of the act, listening to the distant yells of her friend fading away through the mob to the beginnings of a very long night for her, one of many to come no doubt.

Ethilya’s turn came up next as a pictographs machine brought up old pictures of Ethilya in her modelling days wearing all manner of risqué lingerie in provocative poses against the back wall of the stage. The crowd went silent as the Auction master started bids at ten thousand gold coins, most of the crowd went silent at the price but a few bidders out their hands up and the race began capping out at a hundred and ten thousand gold coins.

Both women sold by the Iron Horde, branded and degraded it wasn’t long before the rest of the female staff contingent at Lunarfall Garrison were brought the same way, sold off and the men killed leaving little trace of the Alliance’s presence left on Draenor.