Love Behind Bars

Written & Edited By: Valnoressa


The Offer

Kalli smirked slyly as he passed the cells of his abusers and rivals, looking smug and proud as he walked beside a large Vrykul man who held him close. The Vrykul’s large hairy knuckles squeezing at the rear of the scantily clad Elf boy as they headed towards their cell on the return trip from the mess hall.

Kalli could feel the angered gazes upon him from those with grudges against him, as well as the other cellmates who had eyes only towards his womanly assets. Yet none saying a word while he stood in the presence of Havlock, the large frightening Vrykul.

The young Elf knew that to survive his time in the Stockades, he would need to find protection in one with interest towards what the young Elf fellow had to offer. Other members from rival gangs to his own were locked up in there, to go too long without a guardian could mean being found dead by the guards or ‘bucketheads’ as the inmates preferred to call them.

What Kalli had not counted on was the possibly that he might find himself falling head over heels in love with the man he chose to be his protector. Much less that such a person would return those feelings. Yet it was the lay of the land now, Kalli and the infamous pirate Havlock were together and now the whole cell block knew it.

Most were uncaring, some supporting and others less so. One even dared to tempt the Vrykul with an offer of his own as his large black claw reached through the bars to stop the pair. “Havlock, I would offer a deal that benefits us both.” Logar the foul Worgen growled from the darkness of his cell. His red eyes piercing the veil of shadow that lay over it as he spoke to Havlock.

“Form words quickly Logar, you impede me from my desires.” Havlock spoke sharply, looking quite unimpressed by the blocking of the Worgen as he held Kalli close.

“I know you have desire towards Vrykul ale and smokes of quality beyond these walls. I would offer them to you.” The Worgen said with his tone becoming a higher and a more bargaining one, sounding more like a salesman than a low life behind bars.

“I doubt you give such an offer freely. What do you want in return?” the Vrykul spoke with increasing impatience. Kalli lowered his gaze as he felt the Worgen’s piercing eyes upon him as he replied in kind.

“A thing of little worth or concern. I desire only an hour upon your boy’s arse. I wish to feel his womanly form quiver beneath mine as I knot his little cunt.” The Worgen growled lustfully, still peering with mischievous intent at Kalli as the Elf hugged tightly against Havlock, his luminous gaze looking up at Havlock to gauge his response.

“Do you think me a fool, Logar? It is well known that those you take as your bitch do not come out of the ordeal as unmarked as when they went in.” Havlock jabbed at the Worgen, finally making him break his unnerving gaze on Kalli. “The blood of the Quel’dorei boy still stains the floor of your cell even now.” Havlock remarked.

The Worgen burst into a terrifying growled laughter as he peered through the bars at Havlock. “It is true that I find some deeper bliss in the marking and abuse of these whimpering little sissies. Yet out of respect to you, I would return your bitch mostly unmarked.” Logar said with a growl, his tone sounding like he was ready to close the deal.

“I would not taint my boy with your shrivelled cock, Logar. Do not break works with me on the subject again or I would see your blood join past victims on the floor of your cell. Foul beast.” Havlock spoke with unwavering confidence and command, the pair staring intently at each other for  a moment as if ready to tear each other to shreds.

Yet it was not to be as Logar’s head found itself bowing and backing away into the shadow of his cell. “As you wish, Havlock. The offer will remain open should you change your mind.” He said cheekily, his tongue licking at his maw as his eyes took one last gaze at Kalli before disappearing into the darkness.

Havlock tugged Kalli along with him, who seemed frozen with fear that he might be traded for a moment. He dare not bring the subject up with Havlock and remained silent the whole way back to their cell as he clasped the Vrykul’s large hand in his own



The Cell

As they turned the corner to their cell, Havlock was the first to break the silence; “You know I would never trade you for anything, my little shadow lilly.” the Vrykul said to end Kalli’s concerns. His voice soft and comforting as the two entered their shared cell. The pet name Havlock had for him always seemed to put Kalli at ease. Named after the beautiful white flower of Shadowmoon Valley, a beautiful thing in a place mired in shadow. Kalli often wondered if Havlock intended it to have deeper meaning beyond his surface beauty.

“I know. Logar just unsettles me with the way he looks at me. I’m used to the gaze of men wanting me upon their cocks. Though Logar looks at me as if I were a meal to be devoured.” The boyish Elf said as he flopped down onto the single cot, peering up at the stone ceiling.

Havlock sat on the edge of the bed at his side, his large rough palm gently caressing Kalli’s bare tummy. The skin beneath his fingers was gentle and soft against his mighty hands, large and forged by the use of steel and the pioneering of mighty ships. Kalli enjoyed how masculine they felt against his tender skin, the palms of his hands felt like they had many stories of their own to tell as they traced his faded abs.

“Pay him no mind, he is a beast who will never know the gentle caress of your lips or the warmth of your body pressed against his.” Havlock said with a smile, patting Kalli’s tummy as he sought to ease his thoughts away from Logar.

Kalli quickly returned the smile as his own gentle palm traced along the back of Havlock’s palm before taking it in his own and squeezing it lovingly. “A sensation I would share only with you, my Captain.” Kalli spoke softly, his luminous gaze finding connection to that of Havlock’s deep blues.

“You call me that, yet I am absent the ship to command while trapped within this shithole.” Havlock said, smirking. His eyes peering about the small dark windowless cell as he sighed. “Months left of our sentences yet it feels like years at the rate times passes here.” His mind threatened to take him to a foul mood, though Kalli could sense his change and acted quickly.

Kalli pushed Havlock’s large hand downwards from his tummy to lay upon his bulged shorts, the captain quickly turning his gaze back to the beloved company at the feeling under his palm. Kalli smiled lewdly as he unfastened the top button of the shorts revealing the smooth shaven pubic area beneath.

“Focus on what we share now and let your heart swell at the thought of us upon the high seas together when the time comes.” Kalli spoke comfortingly, slipping off the edge of the cot to stand in front of Havlock.

The young Elf peered back over a shoulder at the muscular Vrykul, his fingers slipping into the sides of his shorts while slowly tugging them down his thighs. Havlock’s eyes gazed in eager anticipation as the fabric rolled from the flesh to reveal the Elf’s plump, thick and extremely feminine looking rear absent of any kind of underwear.

Havlock let a deep breath exhale as his eyes set upon such a tempting sight, his hands reaching forward to pull Kalli closer to him by his hips as the shorts dangled around his knees. Havlock ran his fingers over the mounds of flesh, his fingertips venturing into the crack of the smooth rear. They traced from the boy’s tight hole down his taint to the plump and smooth balls lewdly pressed through his thighs.

Kalli bit deeply into his bottom lip as those rough fingers betrayed their purpose with a tender touch. Havlock smirked, swapping his gentleness for something less so as he pulled back the hand and swatted roughly at the Elven rear. Alternating between the cheeks as he sought to get the reaction he desired from Kalli, and he didn’t need to wait long.

Kalli had clearly been attempting to stifle his sounds but each smack landing upon his rear only forced him closer and closer to parting his lips. Eventually causing him to let out a whimpering, girly moan that Havlock absolutely adored hearing.

The noise alone had the Vrykul pirate tenting the front of his pants. He took both hands from Kalli’s body and watched him for a moment. Admiring the redness that formed on his womanly cheeks, the quivering of his body and the luminous gaze that peered back at him in wonder at why he had stopped.

“Is something wrong?” Kalli questioned.

“I simply await my boy to remember himself and find his place on his knees on the end of my cock.” Havlock spoke boldly, smirking at the young Elf.

Kalli’s eyes widened at the realization, he had gotten so caught up in it that he had forgotten himself. He scrambled to his knees as Havlock chuckled, his dainty fingers frantically tugging and pulling to yank the large Vrykul cock from it’s fabric bindings.

Kalli smiled in return with gentle eyes, his lips kissing at the tip of Havlock’s twitching cock. Those small tender palms holding the hefty slab of meat, as though it were a beast to be wrangled to the floor out of fear of it overpowering the holder.

His lids eclipsing the glow of his eyes as he drew in inch after inch of Havlock’s cock. The thick darker meat sliding past his soft lips and stopping at the back of his throat. His tongue tracing the bottom of the shaft and doing it’s best to tickle and caress with it’s wet touch, barely able to move his tongue around the sides from it’s massive girth.

Havlock moaned and grunted deeply through gritted teeth, the tight and warm feel of the Elf’s mouth around his manhood made him more than a little nervous that he could pop early. He figured if anyone could manage such a feat, it would be this elf upon him.

“Look at me, boy.” Havlock said softly. His gentle palm forming to a fist upon the Elf’s head, gathering a tuft of his silken hair within his grasp. “Look at me with those beautiful eyes.” His eyes peering down at Kalli’s in an unbreaking look of dominance and love, the tone of his words commanding yet softly spoken.

Kalli blushed deeply as he found himself swallowing more of Havlock’s behemoth cock, the length having nowhere to go but down his throat as it bulged the front of his neck with it’s incredible girth. His eyes lay half open, glowing beneath the eclipsing lid as they began to well up and leak tears from the expected discomfort.

The little droplets rolling down his cheeks causing the eyeliner around his luminous orbs to run down in black streaky lines. Havlock grunted through gritted teeth as he peered down at Kalli, those eyes of love and trust peering up from the cell floor at him as his ability to breathe became more difficult.

He gave small thrusts of his cock to probe its tip as deeply as it could possibly manage, waiting until the last possible moment before yanking back his hips in one sudden motion. With it he pulled every inch of his cock from Kalli’s mouth, draping the slimy saliva covered cock over his panting face.

“It never ceases to amaze to see a tiny gentle flower swallow the cock of my kind. You truly stand a rare and talented beauty my dear.” Havlock said through a smile, his hand moving to hold Kalli’s chin between finger and thumb as he drew himself closer to place a loving, passionate kiss on the Elf’s lips.

Kalli returned that kiss in full, pressing deeply into it as he failed to hold himself back in showing his love for Havlock. He wanted to hold back so much, but the Vrykul’s touch and words were always able to tug on his heart strings and stir him sexually.

So much so that it was Kalli who made the next bold move, pushing himself from the floor and turning away from his lover again allowing Havlock to gaze upon the thick womanly cheeks as they began to back up into the Captain’s lap.

The young Elf reached back to grip at the base of that mega cock, gently guiding it in his dainty little hand to let help the tip find his eager hole. His hips grinding against it at he looked back over one shoulder with that adorable expression of lust upon his face.

The Captain placed a hand upon his lower back, stopping him from sinking his hips further as he made a tutting sound while looking smugly at the Elf boy. Kalli raised a brow as his eyes met Havlock’s, his fangs poking his bottom lip as he wiggled his hips eagerly on that massive cock tip.

“What do you think you’re doing, boy? I wanna hear you beg for it sissy!” Havlock commanded, his other hand tanning across Kalli’s wiggling rump with a warning shot that made his little voice cry out from the sudden, sharp smack. “Come on boy, beg!” his hand smacking at the other cheek with just as much determination as the first.

The Elf whimpered pathetically through an adoring moan as he quickly began saying whatever dropped into his mind at the command. “Please Captain! Please fuck me with your amazing huge cock! Use me good, make me your bottom bitch!” were the words that rolled from his lips. Just saying them out loud made his much smaller cock by comparison twitch with excitement.

“That’s my boy.” the Captain complimented while chuckling, his large masculine hands gripping at Kalli’s feminine hips as he began to pull the Elf downwards. That huge cock tip pushed relentlessly yet slowly against Kalli’s anus, pressuring it to give way to it’s superior strength before it finally did so.

This wasn’t Kalli’s first rodeo and it certainly wasn’t the first time he had taken Havlock inside him, but it’s size was always something that needed a moment to adjust to. He helped himself a lot earlier by coating the cock with as much of his saliva to make this process easier.

Havlock knew the Elf was eager and he wanted to see just how much. He had his suspicions that one hard and fast stroke deep against Kalli’s prostate would make him blow his load right away. He was determined to see it happen and he knew right now was as good a time as any.

As Kalli moaned softly, letting himself adjust to the Captain’s tip, he felt Havlock’s fingers tighten on his hips. The tips sinking into the flesh as Havlock suddenly and boldly shoved his hips up while pulling Kalli down into his lap.

The elf let out a loud almost screamed yell as it hit him deep. His body shivered with shock from the sudden yet blissful attack on his prostate. His cock had launched out thick loads of cum from just the one stroke and splattered them across the cell floor in front of him.

He let out quivered gasps and whimpers as he tried to regain control of his senses through such an intense and sudden orgasm. He sank into Havlock’s arms as they wrapped around his weakening body, the Captain chuckling through some very pleased grunts as he held the impaled Elf lovingly against him from behind.

“I’m sorry my dear, I’ve always wanted to see that happen to you. It was far better than I expected.” He said with a loving smile, kissing Kalli’s shoulder as the Elf began to regain himself slowly, though still at the whim of the Captain.

Kalli attempted to reply, but his voice was shaky and quickly silenced by the pirate captain “Shhh, my love. It is but the first of many.” Havlock whispered. “I would have your moans carry upon the winds to the Halls of Valor itself. So that even Odyn would hear your bliss from atop his throne.” The Captain finished, raising himself from the bed with Kalli still buried upon his cock.

The Vrykul’s unmatched strength the only thing keeping Kalli standing as he began to gently fuck his little lover. The Captain had spoken the truth, it was to be the first of many and would prove to be a night that they would both look back on fondly in future times.

The pair of them made deep passionate love and shared intimate moments throughout the night. Yet with every expression of love was an equally lustful and lewd moment to accompany it. It would not be for another six hours that Kalli would find himself able to rest and recover.



Night’s End 

The scent of sweat and sex was thick in the air of their small dank little cell as the misty and moist skinned pair drew to their final orgasm of the long night. Kalli looked absolutely exhausted as he lay on his front on the single bed, panting heavily as the pair of them shared it.

The floor of the cell, some parts of the wall and the mattress they lay upon were stained with fresh marks of cum and some that had dried from earlier in the night. Kalli moaned tiredly yet still with pleasure as Havlock lay atop him, his hips thrusting deeply with as much strength and vigor as he had started the night with.

His cock sank effortlessly into Kalli’s gaped hole. The lewd sounds of skin smacking against skin and the noises of Kalli’s wet, cum filled hole squelching with each thrust of Havlock’s cock echoing around the cell.

Havlock had gifted Kalli with his thick Vrykul seed throughout various points of the night. Visible all over the Elf’s rear, lower back, face and was currently being rubbed off his smooth chest into the mattress as the Vrykul powered into his final orgasm. Havlock simply grunted deeply as he poured more of his thick seed into Kalli’s open hole as he rest upon his lover, his cock still buried deep within him.

The Captain’s arms wrapped lovingly around the poor yet happy Elf as he cuddled him close, his voice whispering close to Kalli’s long tender ear in that adoring embrace.“Rest now, my love. I shall let none harm you as long as your are mine to love.” The captain whispered softly.

Kalli’s heavy eyelids were almost entirely eclipsing his eyes as he tiredly managed to let words of his own fall from his lips. “I love y-you… cap…tain.” He replied weakly, letting himself finally fall to a much needed slumber as Havlock lifted him from the mattress and onto top of him as he lay beneath Kalli for the first time that night.

Kalli’s head rested against the Captain’s masculine chest, rising and falling with his breathing as he was entirely asleep and unlikely to be woken for quite some time. Havlock smiled as he peered down at the peacefully sleeping elf, admiring his cheeks still flush with a red blush as he cuddled him in one arm while his free hand rubbed gently at Kalli’s plump yet abused rear. The once pale cheeks bearing the red of hand prints far larger than his own tanned across them.

The captain himself finally began drifting off to sleep as he could feel Kalli’s heart through his chest against his, slowing into a comfortable rest as he joined his lover in slumber.