Prisoner of Whore

Written by Valnoressa


I can feel his brutish eyes on me, goddess forgive me... I love it.

Val thought to herself as she stripped the druid raiments from her curvaceous form in front of the eagerly watching Orc. He gripped the iron of the door and rattled them a little with his gaze firmly upon her, wishing he had the strength to tear them from its frame and mount her. He marvelled at her body from head to toe, she definitely ticked all the boxes for attractiveness, even for an Orc. She didn't have the physique of any Elf or Orc he knew, where toned abs and athletic form were the norm - with her was a curvy form more akin to the standards of human women.

He had to reach down and yank off the prison rags he was wearing below the waist as they were tented by his cock at full mast upon seeing her turn away to remove her wrappings. That's when he saw her plump, shapely rear and how perfectly smooth it was. It looked like it had been chiseled and crafted by the titans themselves in the Orcs lewd and mischievous intentful eyes. He wanted to kiss it, hug it with his cheek and gently sink his tusks into the unblemished flesh with the kind of worship it deserved. And yet he also had an intense desire to beat it until it was red and fuck the hole snugly hidden between the cheeks until it was ruined. He already knew which one he wanted to do more.

“We don’t have much time, Doc. Skip the pre-show and get that fat ass over here.” He remarked rudely in a hurried tone, peering from side to side at the edge of the bars for the guards who were suspiciously absent. It always felt weird to her when the inmates called her ‘Doc’, she was neither a doctor or a nurse after all. Just a healing druid who wanted to fill in for a friend while they were absent from work, she kind of liked the name though. The Orc’s engorged verdant cock was poking boldly between the bars by now, bouncing a little as he half humped against the door with growing lustful intent and impatience.

“Relax brute, we have enough time.” Val shot back, her tone strangely confident enough to reassure him.

“What’d you do? Knock the guards out?” He said chuckling, half hoping she had as he held no love for the bucket headed goons of the stockades. In reality Val had spent an eventful evening in the guard barracks a couple of days earlier getting to know them very well indeed. In return for that she had requested unsupervised visits to inmates in her role as prison doctor, to give them one on one private care.

“I just asked them really nicely.” The elf said with a smirk, winking at him and punctuating it with a playful slap of her plump rear. She backed up against the cell door, his cock hotdogging up between her mounds of booty flesh, a beastly grunt falling from his maw as he enjoyed the warmth of them enveloping his shaft.

“I don’t fuck Elves like Orc women. You pointy-eared Alliance whores take it up the ass or not at all from my cock. That gonna be a problem for you, knife ears?”
He moaned hatefully through gritted teeth. He had no love for Elves of any kind, even the Nightborne and Blood Elves who stood beside him in the Horde. Those pointed ears and self righteous attitudes pissed him off no matter what breed of Elf it came from. He did not wish to dilute his Orcish bloodline with Half-Elf offspring, so if he must fuck an Elf then it would always be in their asses where it could be as rough and uncomfortable for them as possible. 

He pulled her hips hard against the bars while probing his emerald cock against her asshole. Val sank her teeth into her bottom lip excitedly as she relaxed down there, reaching a hand back to help his girth slip in unhindered and easily. Unluckily or perhaps luckily for him, this particular Elf absolutely loved anal.

She arched backwards to hold on to the bars for support as the Orc began to brutishly thrust into her ass, he wasn’t going to take it easy with this one. This definitely wasn’t her first time with an Orc in her and it was plainly obvious to him that she didn’t need the training wheels, the mark of the horde slave brand upon her arm told him that much.

“You know Doc, if you really want to feel the full might of the Horde bearing down on you... the keys are right over there. Just unlock the door.” The Orc casually dropped the suggestion into the situation as easily as he had slipped inside her, his tone suggestive and suspiciously more gentle than it was before.

Val smirked and turned her head to peer at the Orc over her shoulder. She gave him smug look that certainly sank the hopes of an early release for the brute. She may have been horny and abusing the perks of the job to her own benefit, but she didn't want to end up in a cell next to one of these fools because she set them free. She had done the whole prisoner thing before in Orgrimmar, she was happy with her freedom for now.

“Yeah I didn’t think you’d be that foolish anyway, was worth a shot.” He chuckled, pumping his hips deeper and bearing down on the task at hand with more focus, seeing as how escape was out of the question. He had planned to escape with her as the hostage if she were dumb enough to open the door and set him free. He had even thought about what he'd do if got clear of the city with her and how he would go into hiding and bring her as his personal anal slave. Hiding in a cave from the pursuing guards and  lawmen would be far less lonely with her juicey Kaldorei ass nearby to abuse at will. Regardless, he pushed the fantasy from his thoughts.

“When you’re done with him, bring yourself over to my door, Kaldorei.” A deep and husky voice rumbled the words down at her from the next cell over. “I’m sure you could enjoy this far more than whatever he’s offering.” The voice boasted as a long flare-tipped cock squeezed through the bars. Val quickly recognized that It was a Tauren cock, impossibly long and gut wrenchingly thick. It glistened in the shaft of moonlight managing to find it’s way into the cell block, illuminating it like some kind of meaty gift from Elune herself.

Val was eyeing the Tauren's offering eagerly, but her Orcish companion wasn’t going to let her mind stay on it for long. While she had been entranced by the bull's cock, the Orc had used the distraction to tie his ragged bed sheets and around her ankles to the bars of the cell. She had only noticed once he pulled both of her arms backwards into his side of the door, pinning her rear and upper back against the cold iron in an arched position.

Val squirmed a little as she felt him binding her wrists together on his side with the torn rags of his pillowcase. When he let go and she attempted to step away, she simply could not. She might as well have been part of the cell door now. If the Orc couldn’t budge it with all his strength she hadn’t a hope of overpowering it herself. She felt her head yank gently back against the bars as the brute pulled on her ponytail. His large nostrils sniffing deeply next to her ear, making grunts and perverse moans of pleasure.

“Mmmhm. You smell good, doc.” He whispered into her pointy ear, his tongue even lapping against the lobe a little. “You’re done when I say you’re done. And I don’t plan to stop even while the guards are trying to cut you off my cell door.” He affirmed in his deep and gravelled voice.

He had the Kaldorei’s full attention and he was going to keep it. He thrusted forward with purpose, his hips rattling and clattering the iron door under his furious pistoning hips. With her upper body within grabbing reach, he certainly took it upon himself to let his rugged palms slip through the bars to play with her breasts as he assaulted her ass. Those chunky emerald fingers made sure to grope, grab, squish and flatten every inch of her breasts, the nipples getting their fair share of attention as he yanked and flicked at them with his thick digits.

Val desperately wanted to play with herself while he had his way, but with her arms back there it wasn’t going to be by her own hand.

“Nnngh! Play with my pussy please, you brute!” Val beggingly blurted out, looking back at him with a deep blush of bliss upon her freckled expression.

The Orcish inmate chuckled, seemingly very satifised and amused with her request. He wormed his thick forearm entirely through the bars and wrapped it past her wide motherly hip to the front, probing his rough fingers between her tender thighs and boldly against her clit. “I like the way you beg, whore Elf.” He grunted dominantly, pounding harder than ever before. The large hands on her breast and between her legs mixed with the sensation of that thick, engorged cock violating her ass was putting her over the edge.

“Don’t spill a drop, Elf!” He blurted out as his thrusts came to deep and more deliberate thrusts forward, his grunts becoming more elongated as he reached his climax.

Val’s toes curled and she gasped out in blissful pleasure the moment his Orcish seed touched in the inside of her ass, her knees trembled and she felt herself squirting over the Orc’s hand that never moved away throughout her own orgasm. Her chest rose and fell quickly, her head dangled forward as the blurry mess of her mind attempted to come back from the blissful place the Orc had taken it. Val could feel the hot creamy seed within her, tingling and burning as hot as the molten core. She kept it in like he had commanded though, even when she felt his cock make the slimey pop sound on its withdrawl.

“Gimme a minute and we’ll go again. The night is just beginning, For the Horde!” He cheered, slapping her rear with the cum slicken shaft of his cock through the bars. He had literally meant a minute too, suddenly he was as erect as when he had started and there he was, pushing it against her ass once more.

Val wondered if perhaps she might regret this choice in sexual partners as he entered her for the second time. The slopping sound of his cock squelching against his previous deposit acted as lubricant for the next several poundings she was going to get. 


The Orc roared and howled as the guards were forced to open the door and pile on the brute to get him away from the druidess who still dangled from the door, seemingly unconcious by now. They clubbed him with nightsticks until he gave in and fought back against them no more.

Val's back and rear were covered in tally lines that looked like dirt and charcoal. There must have been forty or fifty tally lines covering it, seemingly he had begun counting how many times he had climaxed inside her at some point during the night. The floor around the cell door was a mess of semen and sweat and Val herself looked pretty roughed up from the ordeal.

The guards couldn't help but notice how gaping and ruined her rear was as they cut her wrists and ankles free of the door. As a strapping human guard carried her in his arms to the infirmary, Val recounted how she had accidentally got too close to the bars and how the Orc had grabbed her and stripped her clothing off in animalistic lust. These were all lies of course, but she really didn't want to be in another prison on the wrong side of the bars anytime soon again.

She watched as two of them dragged the Orc from the cell on the ground to solitary. The pair made eye contact as they passed each other and Val offered him a weak smile with a wink.

In spite of how he had left her. She had enjoyed it, all of it.



Updated 3rd May 2018 - Added more detail to the story and cleaned up the formatting a bit.