The Queen’s Wife

Written by Valnoressa


Anduin’s eyes widened in shock as they lay upon his beloved Auntie Jaina, standing before the throne of Zandalar in a black and gold outfit that laid bare her large shapely breasts and delicate nethers. His eyes did their best to focus on her face, he recalled Greymane’s lessons about difficult eye contact and how focusing on the space between the eyebrows was a good way to do it if you couldn’t focus.

He was too shocked for words, though it would be Jaina’s familiar voice carrying down the throne room to fill his stunned silence as she was seemingly announcing something like no town crier he’d ever seen before.

“Bow before Talanji, Daughter of Rastakhan, Ruler of Zandalar and Conquerer of the Blood Trolls!” She proclaimed, before taking to her knees along with every other Troll in the chamber, marking the respect for the queen as she entered.

Out of respect for their customs, Anduin found it best to follow suit and at least take a knee as Talanji entered. He lifted his gaze to notice that she too was devoid of clothing, more so than Jaina. Why was Jaina naked and announcing for Talanji? Why was the queen naked? Was that a normal Troll custom? He had so many questions.

Anduin watched as Jaina and Talanji exchanged brief words in whispers. Both had smiles on their faces and they continued as Talanji sat upon the throne her father ruled from. His brow raised further as Talanji pulled Jaina onto her knee, wrapping an arm around her waist. Why the heck was Jaina sitting on the queen’s knee like some child on greatfather winter’s knee during the winter veil? What was happening?

“King Wrynn, it be good that ya accepted my invitation. Rest assured that ya will not be hassled or harmed durin’ ya visit of my kingdom. Da war be over and there is peace at last.” The Queen assured him, squeezing the thigh of the Human in her lap gently.

Anduin raised from his knee, standing upright once more. There was a time not long ago when he’d have to be standing here in full armor with the entire seventh legion at his back to even walk out alive. Yet for this occasion it was appropriate to wear his royal mantle and garments - ‘The battle armor of a diplomat.’ as Greymane had so eloquently put it to him.

“My wife has told me much of ya and da good heart ya be having. I believe our people can work togetha in harmony in the times ahead.” The queen added, seeming to pause after her words to gauge his reaction.

“Your wife?” Anduin questioned, before his gaze shifted to Jaina on the Queen’s lap.

Jaina carried a bowl of various fruits that Anduin didn’t seem to recognize all of. Some were apples, melons and others were spiked fruits and strange looking grapes. No doubt those ones were local to Zandalar. He watched as Jaina lifted one of the strange looking grapes and very gently offered it between Talanji’s lips, the queen smiled and rewarded her with a peck on the lips.

“I believe Jaina can shed more light on da matter.” Talanji nodded, gesturing for Jaina to reply in her stead.

“My queen has granted me peace, King Anduin. When I was captured, it was her firm hand that broke me down from the terrible person I used to be. Yet it was also her carressing, gentle love that built me into the woman I am now.” Jaina said sincerely, kissing Talanji on the cheek to punctuate it.

“So she captured you, broke you and then kept you as her pet? Because that’s all I’m hearing, Jaina.” Anduin blurted out, though he wished he hadn’t as soon as the last word had fell from his lips.

Talanji didn’t react, she looked too confident and too peaceful on her throne. Jaina offered a smile and a slight chuckle at Anduin’s outburst. Seemingly she didn’t agree with his observation.

“Do I look like a prisoner to you, Anduin? Do I not seem happy? My queen asks only that I give her my love and my body entirely to her. I do so gladly.” Jaina replied, not an ounce of doubt in her words.

“This cannot seriously be what you want, Jaina!” The young King yelled, perhaps louder than he had intended. His furious eyes shot up to the throne where Queen Talanji sat confidently and unfazed by the young King. Guards on the sides of the throne room brought their hands to their weapons, but the queen waved them off drawing them for now.

Talanji sat wide legged with her nethers entirely visible to the boy king, this troll queen had either no shame or she simply felt unthreatened by Anduin. The King could even see the glimmer of a piercing she had down there, he could even tell it was gold. Talanji stroked and caressed her trophy wife, letting her large three-pronged hand squeeze at Jaina’s wonderful breasts and gently grope at her generously sized rear.

“Ya need to calm ya’self, King Wrynn. It be unfittin’ of a King, hm? Ya auntie be my wife now, dat kinda makes us family now, no?” The Zandalari queen said with a sly smirk, her blue eyes locking with the young king’s as she slipped one of those large fingers inside Jaina from behind. Anduin had noticed it happen simply by the sinking of Jaina’s teeth into her bottom lip and the gentle blush on her face.

Anduin felt helpless, he was starting to show it in spite of his best efforts to hide it and maintain his royal stoic reserve. Each moment seemed to bring a new revelation or horrible truth about the new life of his beloved auntie Jaina. He turned his gaze back up to see Talanji pat the inside of her leg, speaking something to Jaina in Zandali. It was said softly but even Anduin could tell that the queen had given Jaina an order.

“Yes, my queen.” Jaina replied, climbing down from Talanji’s lap and kneeling between her legs at her feet. As if Anduin wasn’t even there, she began to lick and lap her tongue against Talanji’s nethers while stroking her powerful toned thighs. Anduin’s eyes were wide with shock, he never imagined he would see Jaina like this ever in his life time. He could only see her from the back, her entirely naked lower half pointed out into the throne room for all to see.

Talanji sank into her throne to make things a little easier for Jaina. She stroked and pressed the Human’s head deeper between her thighs, all while maintaining her dominant gaze on Anduin Wrynn just in front of the throne’s steps.

“What my beloved wife forgot ta mention was why I invited ya here. You see, as she belongs to me, so does everything that she owned or had been commandin’. Jaina has given control of Kul Tiras to me, King Wrynn.” Queen Talanji said firmly, tossing a scroll that had been sitting on the arm of her throne down to Anduin’s feet.

Anduin picked it up in disbelief, but only found more horrible truth. Jaina had indeed handed Kul Tiras to the Zandalari and signed it with her own hand as well as with the seal of the Proudmoore Admiralty.

“This can’t... Why Jaina? You’ve given your people away for this!?” He cried out in anger and frustration, yet Jaina didn’t respond to him. “Have you no shame!?" he growled through his teeth, his fist clenching around the document.

“I will grant de Alliance a diplomatic role in Kul Tiras in da future. Yet for now, they will need to leave while my forces occupy da land. To avoid any accidental exchanges, you see.” Talanji smiled again, leaning forward on her throne to send a dominant smack to Jaina’s swaying rear, forcing the Human to let out a muffled moan between those powerful thighs.

Anduin wanted to say a million things and wanted to do a million more. He wanted to march up those steps and pull Jaina away from the Queen, part of him even wanted to use his father’s sword to lop the head off that grinning Troll’s shoulders.
Yet he couldn’t, he knew Kul Tiras would pay the price for such brash actions, many innocents would die.
His hands were tied diplomatically and while Jaina was different, she seemed entirely sound of mind and speaking on her own behalf or at least made it seem as much. He squeezed the scroll and spoke more softly, but with clear displease in his tone.

“My… advisors will review this back in Stormwind and get back to you within the week, I trust you will allow that much. Queen Talanji.” He felt sick just saying the words, his eyes peering at her as she replied with a simple nod.

Anduin got the impression that she was bored of the conversation and instead wanted to focus on her wife. He watched as the queen made a gesture to another female Troll standing near the throne, she looked to be a personal guard to Talanji. Anduin guessed she was Zolani, a powerful Zandalari blademaster who served the King before his daughter took the throne. He recalled reading her dossier provided by SI:7 during the war.

Zolani reached into a gold chest near the throne, pulling out a long and heavy looking gold object with straps attached to it. It took Anduin a moment to realize what it was, and that was only because Zolani had begun attaching it to her own hips with the dangling straps fastening to her powerful form. It was a Zandalari dildo and she was telling Zolani to use it on Jaina, right in front of Anduin.

Anduin had seen enough, he grimaced as he turned on his heel and made his exit from the throne room, only looking back to see Auntie Jaina one last time. His last image of her would be the once powerful mage and friend on her knees between the thighs of a Troll queen, pleasuring her, while Zolani leaned in over her rear with a large golden strap-on, preparing to take her from behind.

Anduin didn’t watch as she was penetrated, but he heard her moans of pleasure behind him as he turned to take his gryphon away from this place. In future he would send others in his stead to deal with the Queen, he never wanted to see Jaina like that again. He truly hoped she was as happy as she said she was, because he hated the thought of leaving her there if she wasn’t.

As Talanji watched him leave, she smiled softly to herself. Muttering some words under her breath for only herself to hear.

“Be seeing you again real soon, King Wrynn.”