Written by Valnoressa


The days had blended together for Val as she stood where she had for what felt like days. Her arms hiked up high above her head, wrists clasped in iron and her body laid entirely bare of any clothing or dignity. She was rather lonely now, the person she had managed to pass the time with was no longer there. It was a young Human woman by the name of Clara. She had been chained up against the thick wooden stake opposite her in equal amounts of clothing.

Clara was a nice girl, entirely undeserving of the fate that now lay before her. The pair had spoken at length about their lives, their shared passions as well as how they ended up in a goblin slave market as body slaves. Clara was from Theramore, she had been lucky enough to survive the mana bombing a few years back but not lucky enough to outrun the Kor’kron sent to find and imprison survivors. They had run her down through Dustwallow Marsh, carried by their wolf mounts to get them through the marshy bog landscape that hindered any quick fleeing on foot. She even spoke open and honestly to Val about how four Orcs had taken her virginity in a tent in the Barrens during the prisoner transport back to Orgrimmar.

She couldn’t have been older than twenty, which meant she must have been sixteen at the time of the the attack on Theramore. The thought sickened Val to her core, of course the Kor’kron scum had raped and enslaved a sixteen year old human girl, after all she had personally seem them do much worse during the Pandaria campaign as a prisoner in Hellscream’s Orgrimmar. She wanted to help Clara escape but there was little she could do beyond praying to Elune to watch over her. After all, her magic was nulled with a spell to prevent even her own escape, so Clara was out of luck.

The Human had been sold earlier in the day, having had a price well within the range of a pot bellied Orcish brute. He had spent a half an hour haggling with the shrewd goblin slaver and shamelessly inspecting the Human’s body with an invasive touch. Putting his muddy fingers in questionable places and looking her over like some kind of livestock rather than a person.

Val watched helplessly as the human girl was hog tied and secured to the back of a wolf mount, her seat for the journey to wherever her new Orc master called home. Clara’s expression of uncertainty and fear as she was carted off in the direction of the barrens was seared into Val’s mind, knowing full well she would would be taking an uncomfortable ride to her new home any day now.

As night set in, Val thanked Elune for the brazier to her right being so close. It kept her well and truly warm as the cold desert night of Durotar crept over the slaver’s auction camp. She had not been in this place for three days because she was undesirable, she had in fact been one of the most popular slaves to be inspected at the auction. Her asking price of one hundred gold coins was what ultimately made her unclaimed as of yet. That was a lot of money to the average citizen, most slaves went for five or ten gold so her inflated price was far beyond the means of just anyone at the auction.

The young druid’s cursed collar was what inflated her asking price so much to the slaver goblin. A collar that couldn’t be removed but prevented pregnancy, repaired and adapted her nethers to partners and all sorts of other sexual magical properties. That made her unique and to a Goblin unique means valuable. Orcs, Tauren, Forsaken, Blood Elves and even a Gnoll had all come to try and buy her. All had tried to haggle and bid her price down with the Goblin, none had succeeded.

With the auction becoming less busy and the unlikely event of being bought that day all but confirmed, she let her head hang and rest against her shoulder. Trying to find some position of comfort in her bound standing position to get some sleep for the night. She woke and drifted to sleep several times during the night, the ache of her shoulders or a stray ember landing on her skin keeping her from sleeping too long. Yet it was neither of those things that awoke her this time.

Loud conversation and quick footsteps from two sources approaching her shook her into awareness once more, she lifted her gaze to the source to see the goblin slaver and a large, muscular Orc woman heading for her.

“Right this way, champion! Right this way! I finally managed to procure a Kaldorei as you desired but this one is even more special than just an ordinary Kaldorei!” The Goblin slaver boasted, stopping short of Val and gesturing to her like a prized animal on display.

“It’s name is.... ehhhh...” The Goblin tried to find Val’s name as he flipped through his clipboard. “Well who cares what it’s name is. It’s approximately four hundred years old and has a magical collar doo-hickey that makes her unable to be impregnated among other things.”

The Orc woman pulled down her hood, revealing the mohawked mane of black hair under it as she eyed the enslaved Elf over. Her inspection wasn’t just from a distance though, the Orc began to touch and grab a various parts of Val. She opened Val’s mouth and inspected her teeth. The sharp edges of her fangs causing the Goblin to comment.

“Ah if them there are too sharp for ya, we offer a fang filing service ...for a little bit extra.” he said, shamelessly plugging additional services.

The Orc didn’t reply as she continued her inspection. She grabbed at the Kaldorei’s breasts and weighed them in the palms of her hands like two loaves of bread fresh from the oven. The Orc’s large fingers then began to invade more intimate spots as they delved lower on Val’s naked form. She pressed a finger inside Val’s pussy, before allowing her middle finger to slip inside as well. Her fingers were almost as thick as the average Human’s manhood, pushing, pulling and spreading with bold intent before she yanked them free.

“When was she last used?” The Orc spoke in her gravelly deep tone, finally breaking her silence but not her invasive inspection as she turned Val around, twisting the chains linked to the irons clasped to her wrists.

“Oh! Uh, says here it was being used as a Quillboar breeding slave when some adventurers rescued it from Razorfen Kraul. They needed the gold so they sold it to me, hasn’t been used since.” He replied with a nod.

The Quillboar, the entire reason she had been caught by the Horde again. Her group of adventurers had been far less up to the task of clearing the Razorfen of it’s corrupt inhabitants. Regardless of how well she had healed and aided them, they seemed too naive and inexperienced to finish the task at hand. The Quillboar had no use for the mostly male members of her party, but as the only female she was spared the gruesome deaths they were given.

It had been months before a Horde adventurer party had managed to get deep enough into the Razorfen to discover the Elf inside. Months she spent as a breeding slave yet none of them were clever enough to realize that her collar prevented such a thing. Something Val had told them many times but they seemed unfamiliar with the common tongue or simply didn’t care enough to stop trying. For short and vile creatures, all of them were well endowed and extremely fond of her tall Elven body, so much so that the breeding gangbangs would last days at a time, it was something the entire clan of Quillboar would engage in.

“And the Quillboar were unaware that she cannot be bred?” The Orc inquired as she began to use her fingers to inspect the inside of Val’s rear hole.

“Ah well, they aren’t the smartest bunch. We did think it was pregnant at first, when it came to us it’s belly was rather full looking! But during the deep cleaning we pumped out a ton of Quillboar semen. It must have been there for months!” The goblin rambled on as he went over his notes on the clipboard, jotting things down now and again as he let the Orc inspect away.

The Orc slapped, grabbed and jiggled the Elf’s plump rear for a moment before finally allowing Val to turn and face the pair once more. Her wrists mercifully not as painfully tangled up as they just were.

“I’ll need to try her out, now.” The Orc stated, peering at the Goblin expectantly.

“You mean? Uh... we don’t really do that, Champ.” He responded nervously, scratching the back of his head as his words got quieter.

“For a normal peasant, yes. For the champion of the arena, I’m sure you can bend the rules.” She spoke confidently, flaunting her fame and power to get what she wanted. “Besides, who else is going to pay this steep price for a single Kaldorei slave?” she added.

The goblin grumbled for a bit, clearly not to pleased about having been backed into this corner. He looked at the Orc, then to Val and pondered the decision over and over. The Orc jingled a pouch of coins on her belt to help him make his decision a bit quicker.

“Fine! Fine! But you pay half now and half when I know it hasn’t been broken. I know your reputation with body slaves, champ.” He conceded, though stating the terms of his surrender.

The Orc grunted, nodding as she tossed over one of the small pouches on her belt. She shooed the Goblin away who did as commanded, sauntering off in the direction of his vault with his pouch of fifty coins. The Orc spoke as she began to undress herself, pulling the brown leather tunic and loincloth from her form to reveal the strong, powerful body beneath in it’s entirety. Val’s brow raised particularly high as she noticed this female Orc wasn’t entirely female at all. Between her toned trunk like legs hung a large and unrelenting slab of green meat backed up by a large pair of emerald balls.

“My name is Mar’gur, but you shall be calling me Domina from this day forth. Slave.” Mar’gur declared as she stood with her hands on her hips, her impeccable muscular form catching the orange flicker of the brazier wonderfully. As she closed the gap between master and slave, that huge hunk of Orcish cock bounced from thigh to thigh all the way down to her knee, it was so huge and yet it wasn’t even erect.

“You will obey all commands I give you. You will submit your body willingly to me or I will take it by force. You will wear no clothing unless I deem it necessary. If you attempt to escape or disobey me, you will be lashed. If you serve me loyally, you will be rewarded. Is that understood, Slave?” She spoke calmly but not lightly as she listed off her rules for the slave she would soon become owner of.

Val replied simply with a clear “Yes, Domina” and said nothing more. She had been an owned slaved more than once in her past, she knew how this worked by now. Mar’gur was satisfied with her understanding and began her trial run of the young Druidess.

She started by lifting Val’s thighs under each knee, pushing them wide open enough for her large verdant body to move between them. Her mighty cock was semi-erect by now, it’s large tip batting against Val’s waiting nethers as the Orc awaited it’s full growth.

“I have great respect for your kind, Slave. They have been some of my most fiercest opponents in battle and on the sands of the arena. Yet your women, women like you. You rile me up in ways that no other being on Azeroth can. You will know the pleasure of being taken by a true Orc champion and the honor of taking her seed inside you!” She said with a mighty roar to punctuate it before pumping her hips upward inside of Val’s pussy.

Mar’gur was wasting precious little time as she slammed every inch inside of the bound Elf. Her furious pumps of her hips causing her large green nuts to swing up and slap violently between Val’s thighs with a loud clap every time. The Orc grunted and moaned like a wild beast, this Elf didn’t feel like someone who had been a Quillboar breeding slave for months. She was tighter than anyone she had laid with before and she felt incredible to fuck, like a virgin untainted by the touch of a brutish cock. She had assumed the story of the collar to be a ruse from the Goblin… but perhaps he wasn’t lying after all.

Val moaned and cried out as the Orc took her for one hell of a test drive, her large breasts bouncing up and down with the momentum of each powerful thrust upward. Some of the other remaining slaves waiting to be purchased had noticed the pounding Val was taking and seemed visibly relieved that they weren’t the ones at the center of this particular Orc’s attention. They were drawing quite a lot of attention from the other buyers in the slave market, but the Goblin knew better than to interrupt an Orc during their mating. No, he knew better than to interrupt Mar’gur during her mating, if he valued his head on his shoulders at least.

A loud pleasured scream echoed out across the market as the Orc had very kindly decided to switch holes in the middle of her thrusts. Leaving her pussy bare for now as her large emerald cock jammed boldly into the Kaldorei’s ass with no less force or tempo. It too gripped tightly to Mar’gur’s cock like it had never been used before, yet it was clear that this Elf was extremely experienced with taking an Orc. Mar’gur was instantly in love and lust with the druidess. She loved how this body felt around her cock, the Elf’s beautiful freckled face in ecstasy and the lovely sounds she made as that mighty cock plowed into the depths of both her holes.

Val too was experiencing quite an odd sensation with her new master, she fucked like an Orc but her words from before rang true. She fucked like a true Orc and it filled Val with this strange lustful respect for her. She had this strange urge to kiss her domina’s surprisingly pretty face, she had even noticed for the first time up close that the Orc had one blue and one orange eye. Val enjoyed her strong scent creeping up into her nostrils and the powerful feel of her muscles against her more gentle and squishier body. In spite of the rigorous and beast-like pounding she was getting, this Orc made her feel strangely safe.

Her ears perked up and snapped her back to the moment as she heard Mar’gur speak softly to her in the middle of the rough using she was getting.

“I’m going to cum in your tight little ass for now, Slave. But rest assured when we are at my home, I will put that collar to the test with frequent and daily breedings of your little Elven pussy.” she whispered into Val’s ear, very personally and sincerely as she grunted into a quicker thrust, nearing her climax with each passing moment.

Val rested her chin on Mar’gur’s shoulder as the Orc pressed the Elf against the wooden stake she was chained to and pumped furiously towards her climax. Val whispered in response.

“I.. I look forward to it, my Domina.” her gentle voice replied, seemingly the final straw that pushed Mar’gur over the edge.

Mar’gur roared and growled like the wild beast she was as she hilted herself deep inside Val’s tight ass. The tip of her cock erupted with copious amounts of Orcish seed, more than Val had seen from a male of any race to be honest. The white hot feeling warmed her tummy and filled her ass to the brim enough for it to trickle down her thighs and drip to the dusty ground below.

The Goblin crept his way back into the scene having noticed the thick pool of semen around Val’s feet from across the market. Now seemed like the best time to get the rest of his payment from the champion. Mar’gur had noticed him of course, she in turn tossed him two pouches of coins rather than just one.

“An extra fifty gold for an excellent find. Have her cleaned, hog tied and on my Kodo by the time I return.” Mar’gur commanded casually, expecting no push back from the Goblin. Of course there was none, he was more than happy to oblige for the generous tip he received - and to think he almost expected he’d never sell the Kaldorei.

“Splendid, splendid! I’ll throw in an obsidian forged chain leash so you can take it for walks, champ. On the house!” He added merrily, his big sale seemingly managing to make the goblin generous towards the champion of the arena. He had a skip in his step as he wandered off to kick the peons who would prepare Val for her journey to Mar’gur’s home into action, humming as he went.

Sweat clung to Val, it had been a fast and rampant pounding but no less exhausting. The ‘100g’ price tag painted on her tummy had begun to run with the sweat trickling down her torso. Mar’gur grinned at her new purchase, wiping the dangling strands of her thick cum from the tip of her cock onto Val’s tender soft thigh.

“Rest as much as you can on the journey home, Slave. When we get there, your training begins immediately.” The large Orc promised, slapping her rear with an extra squeeze of the Elf’s plump rear. Val offered her an obedient nod and watched as her Domina dressed herself once more, the large muscular frame heading out of the market towards the Dranosh'ar Blockade. Likely to drink and shop before heading home with the new slave she had bought.

It looked like Val was going to spend the next few hours hog tied to the back of a Kodo rather than chained to the stake she had become so familiar with. Perhaps she might get some sleep if the beast allowed it, she prayed to Elune for it to be the case.

A gentle smile formed on her lips as she watched the Orc disappear into the gates of Orgrimmar, there was no doubt about it… she liked this new owner.