Welcome to the Horde

Written By: Valnoressa    Edited By: Vargh    Commissioned By: Alori


Alori moaned through gritted teeth as her palms balled into fists, gripping at the chest of the Orc beneath her. Her moans were long and like music to the ears of the males that surrounded her. Each of them grunting and growling in their masculine ways as their rough and harsh flesh clashed with that of Alori’s soft delicate Elven skin.

Her mind was awash with blissful pleasure as she appeared to enjoy being the center of their attention and that she certainly was. Beneath her the green skinned and leather clad Orc pummelled his hips upward, his huge girthy cock relentlessly disappearing inside Alori’s pussy, his large balls slapping upward against the Sin’dorei’s perineum.

His huge nuts were often greeted at the top by another pair of masculine testicles as they swung up in their assault. These ones were blueish and taut, carrying the familiar bumps that one would see adorning most Trolls with warts upon their skin. These did indeed belong to a Troll, one that gripped tightly at the Blood Elf’s hips as he shoved his long cobalt colored cock deep into Alori’s eager ass.

Not even her mouth was spared as her lips were wrapped around the flared tip of a thick Tauren cock. His furred hanging nuts smacked against her chin as he left the Elf suckle and tongue against the crown of his mighty cock. His expression one of determined pleasure as Alori’s beautiful green eyes peered up at him, her moans of pleasure vibrating up the length of that cock as salivating drool dribbled down her chin.

As the trio of brutes continued their use of the beautiful Elf, a gravelly dry voice attempted to intervene. “This is highly unfair, gentlemen.” It spoke, the source seemingly belong to a disembodied head sitting atop a nearby crate just offset from the lewd act happening beyond. It was a forsaken, at least part of one.The Troll turned his gaze to the forsaken head. “Quiet mon’ you supposed to be da lookout. Do ya’ job!” he snapped, booting the crate slightly with his foot causing the head to wobble comically before sitting up right again.

“Can’t you just let me suck her tits or something? Come on guys, this was my idea!” The Forsaken groaned, looking on in disappointment as the beautiful Elf was taken before his luminous yellow eyes.

“Sure, just walk on over here and suck on them.” The Orc said, bursting into a laughter as the others all joined in. Even Alori was smiling at the jest, at least as much of a smile as she could manage with a Tauren’s cock plugging her lips.

“Very funny you insufferable oaf. When I find my body I’m going to tear your stupid face off and wear it for Hallow’s End!” The surprisingly well spoken yet spite filled head yelled at the group. Grumbling under his breath as the group continued their questionable activity.

“Come on now mon’… don’t lose ya head over it!” The Troll jested further, the group all falling into a deep laughter as they pressed on with their boisterous and loud group fuck.

The Forsaken head had a grumpy almost sulking look upon his expression, cursing his luck for managing to lose his head on the day that the Sin’dorei with their elegant, beautiful and horny women had been accepted into the Horde by the Warchief. “You oafs owe me for this, I want ten of these Sin’dorei bitches all to myself when I find my body!” He yelled and continued to rant.

On and on he went for several minutes before Alori herself briefly paused the activity. She stood up, her form naked from head to toe as a misty sprinkling of sweat clung to her skin. Catching the light of the Orgrimmar sun as it beamed down over head.

Her breasts jiggled hypnotically and she walked like she was on one of those fashion catwalks in Silvermoon, though only her beautiful naked form to wear so gallantly. Her hips swaying as she closed in on the Forsaken head. He looked spellbound, his eyes peering up and down her beautiful form as he trailed off his words in a dumbfounded manner.

She wrapped her fingers around his severed head, lifting it from the crate and raising it up past her breasts to look at it. Her kind expression suddenly turning mischievous as the Forsaken reacted with confusion. It was with that she did something none of them expected. The Elf casually placed his head upon the ground at the edge of cliff before suddenly running toward it at speed, booting the head off into the main square of Orgrimmar!

The head sailed through the air, smashed onto the roof of the bank and disappeared down into the Valley of Strength. An elongated yell fading off into the distance before it eventually couldn’t be heard anymore. Alori dusted off her hands before she placed them proudly upon her hips, turning to face the group.

“Now then, where were we?” she spoke elegantly. The trio of brutes looking at one another for a moment in shock before bursting into another boisterous laugh as they welcomed the Sin’dorei over. Resuming their previous acts as the Troll spoke once more, his tri-fingered hand giving the Elf’s plump rear a smack of comradery.

“Ya gonna fit in around here just fine, mon’! Just fine indeed!”