Druids of Lust

Written by Valnoressa (ft. Alvarina)


Val rubbed her eyes a little as she stared at the carved wooden ceiling of her humble little Val’sharah home. The soft breeze of the night forest drifted in her open window and kissed at her naked form as she lay upon her bed. Her ear twitched at the sound of breathing next to her, she let her luminous orbs fall on the source.

Beside her another Kaldorei lay sleeping, as devoid of clothing as Val and seemingly quite pleased while she slumbered - judging by the gentle satisfied smile upon her painted face. Val let a smile of her own take form before quietly swinging her legs around to dangle over the side of the mattress.

Her feet touched the floor and she sat on the edge of the bed, peering around her night filled home. It was quaint and encompassed four rooms into one big room split off into little nooks, Elves weren’t one for walls after all. She let her mind recall the events that led her to this moment, to the moment when she laid with another woman for the first time.

How she had been out in the forest, picking flowers for an alchemical concoction, only to bump into a fellow Druid out doing the same. She recalled how a friendly and chance encounter had escalated from some adorable flirting to them tearing each other’s clothes off in lustful desire.

Most of all she thought about how much she had ended up enjoying it. How right it felt and how unexpectedly satisfying it had been. There was obviously no replacing the joy she gained from laying with a man, but it would seem that she had discovered something about herself that she had not considered. She could have both.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the brush of soft skin wrapping around her hips and linking in front of her. It was Alvarina’s legs enveloping the druidess from behind as her torso pressed against Val’s back, the ample breasts on Alvarina’s chest squishing against Val’s skin.

“Hey you. Can’t sleep?” she whispered softly, placing an affectionate kiss on Val’s shoulder as she cuddled against her.

“I’m fine. Just a midnight chill woke me up.” She chuckled softly, turning her head to place a little peck on Alvarina’s lips. “Did I wake you?”

Alvarina shook her head, she let her hands trace around to Val’s front, her tender palms stroking at the druidess’ body and even playfully cupping at her breasts. “I was going to get some water, didn't expect to see you up.”

Val smiled, her fangs sinking into her bottom lip a little as Alvarina’s soft palms warmed the mounds of her breast. “I’ll get you that water and we’ll fix that problem quickly.” Val replied softly as she squeezed her fellow druid’s thighs, gently parting them from around her as she stood and made her way over to the nook that appeared to be a small kitchen.

Alvarina watched with delight as Val’s naked form was hit by the moonlight filling the room through the small circular windows. Her well formed rear in particular hypnotically swaying and looking like a gift from Elune as the light struck it. And it wasn't the only thing to strike it either, Alvarina gave her plump backside a quick smack as she lifted it from the bed.

“Hurry up and get that butt back over here, missy. Suddenly I’m not that tired anymore.” Alvarina said with a mischievous almost motherly tone to her voice.

Val could be heard audibly chuckling from her tiny connecting kitchen a few mere paces from her bedroom, appearing from around the corner with a wooden cup in her hand a moment later. “Yeah yeah, whatever you want Mama Elf.” she replied jestingly, giving Alvarina a mischievous grin of her own.

Val set the wooden cup on the bedside table and returned to her new friend’s company. Alvarina had been sitting on the edge of the bed this time, she raised a palm up to clasp at Val's hand, pulling her ontop of her as she tumbled backwards to the soft cushion of the mattress. Eventually Alvarina was entirely flat with Val straddled atop her, the pair immediately connecting into a deep kiss as they explored each other’s bodies.

“I think we’re going to be great friends, Val.” Alvarina managed to whisper quietly when their lips weren’t locked together in a wet and passionate embrace. Her palms squeezed wantingly at Val’s rear, gathering the tender flesh under her dainty digits and letting them sink into a lustful grope.

Val seemed more confident now than she had been earlier and certainly more comfortable with her new discovery about herself. Alvarina looked positively delicious as she glanced down at her from above. Alvarina had about forty years on her but she didn't look that much older than Val by comparison and certainly no Human would be able to correctly guess either one's age even if they had unlimited guesses.

"I want to taste you." Val spoke softly.

Alvarina's cheeks blushed a little at her bold words, seemingly quite liking Val's new found confidence. Earlier it had been Alvarina guiding Val through all this and now her student seemed eager to stand on her own. Val trailed kisses down Alvarina's body, working her way from her lips all the way down to her smooth thighs until she was eye level with her nethers. She seemed eager down there too, the visible excitement upon her lower lips shown by the moist mist of lust dusted across her pussy.

Val pressed her lips forward, beginning at the clit as she lapped her tongue against and around it. The scent of Alvarina mixed with the taste made her mind full with lust and desire for her fellow druid. She tasted great and she wanted more! Though she'd have to go lower and deeper to get what she wanted. But for the first time in a long time, Val felt like she was the one in control - at least for now.

"Lift your hips." Val spoke again, though sounding a little more commanding this time.

Alvarina nodded, lifting her legs and hips up a bit further as Val pulled over one of the nearby pillows and slid them into the gap between Alvarina and the matress to keep them comfortably raised. More of Alvarina's rear was visible now and the younger Druidess couldn't help but take advantage of that as she let a playful smack tan across one of the cheeks.

"I owed you that one." She grinned down at her, caressing the abused cheek a little.

"No complaints here, sister." Alvarina quickly retorted.

Val had a quick response of her own though, one made through action rather than words as her lips found themselves against her nethers fully now. The tongue deeply probing inside Alvarina and twirling around with expert accuracy. She had even very cheekily slipped her finger inside Alvarina's rear as she progressed, eating out the other druidess and raising her eyes up to see her reaction. It was as good as expected.

Alvarina’s head rolled back into the mattress and her mouth fell open to let out a long moan of pleasure. Her hands were resting atop Val’s head, gently pressing her deeper between her thighs as the invading tongue drove her wild. Val's unrelenting assault meant it wasn't too much longer until Alvarina climaxed and when she did it was more intense than she had expected.

Alvarina's toes curled and her lower back arched up a little as she came. The lustful juices that awaited Val were plentiful and she lapped up all she could as Alvarina quivered into the post-climax. She lifted a palm to her forehead, laughing through a shaky breath as she began to regain sense and the hot flush began to fade.

"By the goddess, Val. Are you sure this was your first time with another woman? That was... amazing!" She praised, stroking Val's hair affectionately as the younger druidess rested her head on her tummy, still laying between her tender thighs.

"I had a good teacher." Val said with a sincere smile, her luminous orbs peering up at the other Elf's eyes of equal description.

"Get on all fours and hand me that Goblin-made sex toy. Mama has another lesson." Alvarina commanded, her motherly tone returning and a mischievous grin forming on her lips as she eyed the younger druidess once more.

The End