The New Guard

Written & Edited By: Valnoressa


Casey sighed deeply as he pulled the heavy armor plating from his form, feeling a wave of relief wash over each limb as the ironforged plate lifted free from his flesh. He didn’t throw them off like a pair of shoes after a long day, he was a guardsman of the Alliance after all. His equipment required the care and respect in its dismantling as the Dwarf who crafted it had given in it’s creation. He preferred to remove each piece and then run it over with a cloth to remove any dirt that had been picked up, it took him longer to get changed this way but it was just the way he liked to do things.

He let out a long stretch, his arms vertical above his head as he let out an elongated and relieved grunt of freedom. Standing in just a small vest, not a single article of clothing to cover his body he quickly got a comment from one of the guards who would be soon leaving the barracks for the shift change, likely taking over from young Casey.

By the light, Casey. Nobody wants to look at your tiny tackle ya skinny git. Cover that pecker up!” one nearby guard jested, clearly referring to Casey's less than impressive endowment dangling cutely between his thighs. He had never held much thought about his size, but being among more masculine men and seeing how they dwarfed him in both length and girth was hard not to notice in the showers. While it was intimidating to see, he certainly enjoyed looking at them with deep admiration and more questionable thoughts.

“Oi Casey, the lasses’ barracks is in the next room!" another guard shouted in jest. Him and one other had approached the feminine boy by now, standing uncomfortably close to him and even began touching parts of him, focusing their grasps mostly on the doughy well formed rear he dragged behind him. As most of the other guards began to clear out, the mouthy one and his friends followed with them until only Casey was the one left in the barracks.

Casey waited until they were gone to lower his head and frown from their wounding words, he would not give them the satisfaction of seeing that they could get to him. It had been this way since he arrived a week ago, a fresh recruit from Stormwind sent out to Draenor to defend the garrison of a great champion. Who could turn down such an honor? To even lay eyes on such a hero would make it all worthwhile. Now he simply longed for the end of the campaign so that he could return home to more accepting company among friends and family.

Dumping his boots on the dressing bench in anger while wiping the misty beginnings of tears from his eyes, he shook his head thinking to himself Don’t let them get to you, it’s just another test like at basic training. – before being broken out of his little pep talk by a deep foreign voice rumbling softly to him from not far away.

“I happen to think you’re quite wonderful, Recruit Casey.” the deep Draenic accent said from across the room. Casey’s eyes darted over to the source, a large Draenei man standing in the doorway of the shower room, leaning against the frame in nothing but a towel to cover his form. He was tall enough for Casey to almost have to turn his head up fairly far to make eye contact, and his body was a prime example of a peak physical Draenei specimen. Every inch of him was toned and every muscle looked like it had been crafted with his final image in mind.

Casey was caught off guard, so he only replied with a slightly dumbfounded expression as the Draenei approached him and the dressing benches.

“You have the captivating beauty of your females and the stoic spirit of your men. A truly wonderful combination in my sincerest opinion.” the Draenei said, repeating his compliment with some affirmations. As he reached the bench however, he pulled his towel from the lower half and tossed it over to what seemed to be the empty bunk below Casey’s.

He had sent poor Casey into an awkwardly long stare of the Draenei’s now completely visible and impressive dangling blue shaft between his toned legs, it was frighteningly thick and reached as far down as his knee. It was difficult for Casey to believe it wasn’t even erect. Casey’s gaze lingered on the impressive sight before him, being a guy who preferred the company of strong men he was completely in awe of something he’d never quite seen on those from Azeroth he’d been with. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other in it’s awesome presence before having his awkward peering broken by an extended blue hand.

“Now that you two have met, perhaps you’d like to meet the owner?” the Draenei chuckled, sending Casey into an adorable blush as he pretended to look anywhere but the big blue cock as his tiny soft hand wrapped around the large finger of the extended hand. It was far too small to shake his hand properly.

“My name is Velgaruu of the Rangari, an honor to meet you young Casey.” the Draenei spoke softly as his large thumb stroked the back of the Human boy’s hand. He smiled gently to Casey, letting his own eyes trace the soft and unblemished form of the feminine man before him. He adored the way this Human looked, from his boyish hair to his wide womanly hips and even the adorably small genitals that he so care freely let hang loose.

“I am a new follower of your commander, it seems you and I are to be bunk mates for the remainder of this campaign. I hope you do not mind?” he questioned to the young Human. Casey gazed up to the chiselled handsome face of Velgaruu, his eyes meeting his as a warm and genuinely happy smile spreading on his womanly lips.

“Mind? On the contrary Mister Velgaruu, I’m quite looking forward to getting to know you.” Casey replied with an aura of new found confidence.

Velgaruu returned the smile, gently pulling the Human still clutching his large blue finger towards him. Casey was almost entirely needing to bend his neck back fully to look up at the towering Draenei who spoke once more.

“Perhaps you two would like to get more closely acquainted?” he slyly remarked while gesturing with a dip of his head down to his behemoth of a penis.

Casey’s eyes fixed upon it once more, and before he knew it his knees were bending of their own will as he sank down to the wood flooring of the barracks. Willingly wanting to be met with the slightly growing monster cock level with his head. He smirked slightly, speaking out loud as his hands lifted the weighty shaft. Even in the short time Casey had been holding it, the cock quickly began to become erect as if the boy's touch alone was magic enough to harden it.

Casey didn't even need to touch his own for it to show how interested he was. When he had that big one between his palms his own pumped up into excitement, though certainly only remained at a fraction of the size of Vel's cock at full mast.

“Hey there Big Blue, nice to meet you.” The young feminine guard said jestingly, peering up into Vel’s blue luminous eyes as the pair shared a loving gaze. They had both felt it, their hearts beginning to beat faster in the other's presence. Both of them knew they had stumbled on someone special. 'Perhaps this place won’t be so bad after all.' - Casey thought to himself, his lips placing an affectionate kiss on Velgaruu’s navy cock as he smiled up at him adorably. A smile that filled the Draenei with a joy he had not felt in thousands of years, his heart a flutter with primal lust and blossoming love for the Human like none he had felt before.

"I was about to jump in the shower, I just finished a guard shift." Casey said as he let go of the monstrous blue cock, turning to head towards the showers and putting on a little playful show with a sway of his hips to let the Draenei enjoy the view of his rear as it headed from his reach. Yet before Casey turned the corner into the showers he stopped and peered back at Velgaruu with new confidence and a suggestive expression.

"I know you just showered, but perhaps you'd like to join me? I'm sure I can find any spots you missed." he said perfectly before disappearing around the corner and out of sight.

Velgaruu let out a breath he had been holding in since setting eyes on the boy's rear without even knowing. He might have turned more blue from the lack of breathing if such a thing were possible. He lifted the towel from the bottom bunk and took off towards the showers like he was giving chase to a wild boar on a hunt. Thankfully he stopped himself before he turned the corner, putting on the cool Draenei show again and pretending he wasn't super excited. As he spotted the already stripped Casey cleansing his glistening wet body in the shower room, Vel couldn't help but think to himself as he approached the boy to join him.

'Perhaps this place won’t be so bad after all.'



Updated 4th May 2018 - Added more detail to the story and cleaned up the formatting a bit.