Kalli Leafwhisper


Race: Kaldorei
Sex: Male
Age: 402 Years Old
Home: Booty Bay
Faction: Neutral

Sexuality: Homosexual
Sexual Role: Switch
Titles: Quartermaster
Likes: Piracy, Treasure
Dislikes: Guards, Undead

Things were difficult for Kalli from the beginning. His sister showed far more promise from a young age and he struggled with his feminine appearance while growing up. He never resented his sister however as she remained a constant pillar of support for him even as their parents favored her.

Things became more difficult for Kalli when he had chosen a Night Elf man by the name of  Rothos as his life partner. While same sex relationships weren't forbidden within Night Elven community, it was certainly looked down upon by the older generations of Elves who remained ignorant to the ever changing ways of the world.

Kalli’s parents denied his wish to wed Rothos, which threw Kalli into acting out in ways unbefitting of a Kaldorei which such a strong heritage and name. Things finally came to a head when Kalli discovered that Rothos had been using him to get to his sister. Rothos had turned out to be more vile and vain than he had acted around Kalli - The Kaldorei had only ever had the intent of getting into the family so that it would be easier to get closer to Valnoressa.

All of this was revealed to Kalli when he suggested the pair ignore the wishes of their parents and run away to be wed in secret. When the truth came out, Kalli could no longer remain in his village and begged his sister to help him leave for the Human lands to start a new life. She agreed, albeit with sadness and worry for her little brother. She was, as always, understanding and supportive.

In the Human lands, Kalli would become a thief, prostitute and a scoundrel. His crimes would eventually see him incarcerated in the stockades for two years where he expected he would be killed. Yet instead he found new love in his cellmate, a Vrykul pirate known as Captain Havlock.

The two grew closer over their stay in the stockades, eventually gaining freedom and staying together on the outside where they had vowed to marry one another. Captain Havlock married his beloved femboy Quartermaster and the pair would take to the high seas to become infamous, deadly and feared pirate lovers by all sea faring nations.

They are currently wanted by the Proudmoore Admiralty and are facing a sentence of death by hanging should they ever be caught.

Kalli would see his sister again, but not for many years.


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