Mar’gur Warbane


Race: Orc
Sex: Futanari
Age: 33 Years Old
Home: Orgrimmar
Faction: Horde

Sexuality: Bisexual
Sexual Role: Dominant
Titles: Champion, The Indomitable
Likes: Fighting, Kaldorei
Dislikes: Undead, Weakness

Born during the days of the first Orcish invasion of Azeroth, Mar’gur entered the world with a mutation that set her apart from other Orcs. Likely caused by the demon blood most Orcs took, Mar’gur was mutated within her mother’s womb and born with the genitals of a male but the body of a female Orc.

For much of her life she had to fight for a place among her people. Over time proving how impressive of a fighter she was and just how high she could rise within the ranks of the Horde. She was a fine soldier and slew many who crossed her path on the field of battle, earning her the nickname “Mar’gur the Indomitable” among allies and enemies alike.

Eventually she found herself craving opponents of a higher caliber than the weak humans and elves she’d be forced to fight against for the Horde. She lived to fight and she wanted to be the best - to become that she would have to hit the road and travel Azeroth’s many public and not so public fighting arenas or pits. As her fame grew so did her coin and fame among the fighters of the world.

She was granted the title of champion after defeating one hundred opponents single handedly in the arena of Orgrimmar. Yet she sought to become champion in all continents and all eyes, so even to this day she still travels the world.

In spite of serving the Horde, Mar’gur has a fondness for Elves. Specifically the Kaldorei women and mainly sets her eyes upon them purely for lustful means. In the last few years she managed to acquire her own personal body slave in the form of the young Kaldorei druid, Valnoressa, who she purchased from a Goblin slave market..

While a strong spirited Orc that only knows blood and battle, Mar’gur has complex and often confusing feelings for her body slave. As of recent, she had pledged to breed the Elf with a half orc, half elf child. Vowing to set her slave free and take her as her wife if she ever manages to do so.

The pair would travel with one another for over a year, the Orc champion had hoped that Val would fall in love with her by sheer force of her will - but matters of the heart can’t be forced. They did grow closer over the year they spent together, but the Elf could not bear her children and she could not make the Elf love her.

Eventually, Mar’gur struck the chains of her slave free. Parting as friends brought together in strange circumstances indeed. They still visit each other from time to time, sharing a bed and stories of what they’ve been up to in their time apart.


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