The Howling Well


Sorry it took so long to get this one out, there were some minor set backs and revisions to make it happen but I think it turned out well in the end! All the Elves (except for Val and Kalli) in this picture are winners of the giveaway that took place over on my Discord, so big congrats to them and I hope you liked seeing your characters in a big scene like this!

Giveaway Winners: Itirael, Theta Five, Valou, КОРРУПЦИЯ, Bix, Shadee, Eji, Run’themas, Linael


Val was happy to be back at an event she helped create with her brother several years back when the Worgen were brought into the Alliance. It was the fruits of her and her brother’s labor in arranging a yearly event in the forest outside their village. For every year on this night during midsummer, Worgen and Kaldorei would come together in the Howling Well to honor the wolf ancient Goldrinn and enjoy the strengthening bond between their two peoples.

Val had missed the last two years though, having been enslaved by the demons before and the Orcs prior to that. It was also to be the first reunion of the Leafwhisper twins, as Kalli hadn’t missed attending the little event even as a married pirate - his Vrykul husband always let him leave to participate.

The event was more exciting and busy than ever, especially with news of Val returning to join in after being missing from it in the last couple of years. The news of her return to the event had even coaxed one of Val’s ex-boyfriends into attending, a large alpha Worgen she had dated briefly before she set out on her travels during the Catacylsm. He had desires to pick up where they left off, but he’d settle for just being her sex partner for the event in the meantime.

Kalli too was re-partnering with someone, though this particular Worgen was a fellow who was keen to see his marriage to his Vrykul pirate husband end so that he could claim the boy as his own wife. He had been trying for seven years to steal the femboy away and each time he left sexually satisfied but still a single Worgen.

The Leafwhisper twins themselves had some catching up to do too, though that would have to wait until after the event. After all, it’s rather difficult to have a heart to heart discussion with family with a Worgen’s knot buried deep inside you!