The Traveling Slave


So I put together this new outfit for Val this week and people seemed to dig it. I ended up going into far more detail with it and eventually it came out as this pretty nice almost post-apocalyptic look for her. Hope you like it!

Since I know some of you will want to know what various parts of her outfit mean here’s the breakdown:

The Hood: To protect her from the hot weather of Kalimdor. The sun is particularly harsh on the fairer skinned races in places like Durotar and the Barrens. It even has holes cut in the sides to let her ears poke out.

The Shackles: While not chained up on the road, the shackles allow her owner to keep her slave bound or chained up where ever she needs her to be.

The “M” Pin: This is a badge of ownership that Val is required to wear at all times. This marks her as an owned slave and means she can’t be taken by others.

The Tree Symbol Loincloth: Made from the singed/charred remains of a Darnassian tabard, Val has turned this into a way to cover her delicate areas. Mar’gur was initially against the idea but came around to it when she saw how good it looked on her Elf.

The Collar Chain: This is both symbolic and a tool for her owner to keep her in check. Mostly used to tug her Elf about when she’s not walking fast enough.


In her time as a slave of Mar'gur, Val was permitted very little clothing. With the traveling nature of an arena champion such as her owner - rags and leather were permitted to protect her Elf from the harsher environments of Azeroth. Over time she was granted more clothing for her loyalty to the She-Orc but everything she wore had to follow some strict rules laid down by Mar’gur. Her outfit had to show plenty of skin and it also had to allow the Orc access to her holes without removing it.

For a while Val was mainly forced to walk everywhere in the nude with her owner, but considering how many people are interested in obtaining the druid for their own nefarious purposes, a naked Elf was sure to draw unwanted attention to the traveling pair.