Saran EmbervalE


Race: Ren’dorei
Sex: Male
Age: 22 Years Old
Home: Stormwind
Faction: Alliance

Sexuality: Bisexual
Sexual Role: Submissive
Titles: Guardian of G’hanir
Likes: Rough Sex, Wine
Dislikes: Father, Horde

Saran Embervale, born to a noble family, was the very example of Sin’dorei wealth. He was treated to all the luxuries of life by default. Food, clothing, shelter, an education beyond language - yet behind it all he was hated by his father. His mother had died in birth, depriving the esteemed household of a mother and a wife, creating a rift between his father and himself long before he could ever walk or talk. Despite this he enjoyed the easy life and with the company of his older brother he found himself busied with lessons in combat and fighting techniques.

Saran grew closer to his brother, perhaps too close. Becoming entirely reliant on him to the point where their relationship became more complex and carnal. In time the pair would fall in love and become utterly entwined in an incestual, sexual taboo relationship.

They kept it quiet for years, but were discovered by their father. The old noble went crazy with anger, attacking Saran with a blade and cutting the boy’s face on his cheek twice before he was stopped by Saran’s brother. Lord Embervale called for the Silvermoon guard, claiming that his son was a demon succubus who had corrupted the old brother with his fel demon lust.

Even if they knew it wasn’t true, Lord Embervale had too much pull and power to let something like the truth stop him from getting rid of his hated son. Saran’s older brother took him out of the city and out of Eversong itself, sending the feminine boy out into the Ghostlands to fend for himself. Seeing it as a kindness preferable to a death at their father’s hands.

His brother would come to visit him in the Ghostlands when opportunity allowed, but it was a risky situation. Saran would have to let his brother go and journey to other parts of the Horde to build a new life for himself, or risk putting his brother in harms way. It was with this decision that Saran would head for Orgrimmar, seeking a path for himself that would eventually lead him to rogue type work and even becoming an assassin.

It’s currently unknown why Saran would take the leap to become a Ren’dorei or why he was studying the void with his fellow exiled kin, but it has pushed him into the Alliance where he does seem to be more happy and comfortable for now.


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