Moonlit Dominance

Written by Valnoressa


Mar’gur walked along side her Kodo, patting it’s side as she led it by the reins. She preferred to do this when it was getting dark out as Kodos are mighty creatures without a doubt, but their limited frontal vision made them quite terrible at navigating the dangers of the road at night.

Walking just ahead of her was Val, her beautiful Elven slave. She too was on a chain leash. The Kaldorei wore a hooded cloak that was tattered at the bottom. Her chest was laid bare, the generous mounds of breast exposed as they bobbled and bounced with her steps. Below, her nethers were barely covered, a simple tattered loin cloth with the symbol of a tree upon the flaps did their best to cover her delicate areas. Though each brush of wind made it clear she had no underwear beneath.

Beyond that her legs and arms were wrapped with brown leather, even around the her feet as what appeared to be makeshift shoes without covers for the toes that poked free from the wrappings. To complete the look she had unchained shackles locked to her wrists and ankles, likely so that she could walk more quickly for the time being.

She adored when the wind would billow Val’s tattered cloak to the side every now and again. Giving the She-Orc a very welcoming view of her slave’s loincloth clad rear wobbling hypnotically as she walked. Mar’gur blessed the ancestors for delivering such a fat assed Elf into her life, smirking a bit to herself each time it happened.

The Orc clicked her tongue to the Kodo who suddenly gave his thumping feet a pause as he came to a stop, giving a blow of air through his nose happily as Mar’gur patted the side of his snout. The Orc tugged on the chain to make her slave stop walking ahead, it wasn’t hard enough to yank her back but enough to have her stop and turn.

“We rest here tonight, slave. We’ll head for the Ratchet fighting pit at first light.” She commanded, beginning to unpack various camping items from the Kodo’s back and tossing them over to where she had decided camp would be best to set up.

“As you desire, Domina.” Val replied, rubbing the neck of her collar a little as she headed towards her owner. Grabbing a few items from the Kodo before patting the beast and speaking softly to it. “Such a good boy. You were excellent today. Thank you for carrying our things.” She said, praising him fondly. The Kodo wiggled his large head, snorting and letting out a happy exhale of air through his large nostrils as the Druid praised him, clearly he liked her.

“I’ll hunt us something for tomorrow’s trip, you prepare the camp and stew in the meantime.” Mar’gur commanded, lifting a spear from her Kodo as she checked the tip to inspect the sharpness. Happy with it, she sheathed it onto her back, tied her Kodo to a nearby stump and set off into the darkness of the barrens – leaving her slave at the camp.

Mar’gur knew Val wouldn’t run off. For one she had very little clothing, was in hostile lands and had no long term supplies to sustain her. Add to the fact that Val knew she’d be hunted down like an animal by Mar’gur even if she did make a run for it. Val was smart enough to know her options were limited in that regard, for now she was better off staying with the champion.

After an hour, Mar’gur returned with a Zevra slumped over her shoulders. A clean kill and an impressive feat to carry it all the way back to camp by herself. She took torches and made a perimeter around the camp with them – a common practice to ward off Hyenas and whatever other creatures the Barrens hid at night. As she returned from her task, she set her eyes upon her Elven slave, still where she left her and tending a pot of Zevra stew over the fire.

The Barrens were quiet with just the sounds of a light breeze, rustling river reeds and distant animals of the night. That peaceful quiet was broken by Mar’gur’s voice, asking quite an odd question as she sat on a log fashioned into a seat near the fire.

“Oi, Have you fucked my Kodo?” She blurted out to the Kaldorei while patting the Kodo’s snout.

Val turned her head from the cooking pot, looking at Mar’gur with disbelief that she had just asked that. “Absolutely not. What would make you ask such a ridiculous question?” Val’s answer was one of stun, but her words seemed truthfully unwitting of what would provoke such an inquiry.

“He don’t like anyone. But he seems to like you. Figured you might have polished his cock, heard you knife ears like to fuck animals.” Mar’gur replied, chuckling a bit at the notion. She looked at her Kodo who almost looked like he was shocked at the idea of it too. She grunted at him and gently pushed his head away which was signal enough for him to get some rest.

“My people do not have sex with animals. You confuse our love of nature and life as something far more questionable.” Val replied firmly, stirring the stew a little as she leaned over to smell it. It was coming along rather nicely.

“Goblin I bought you from said you were a Quillboar breeding slave in Razorfen. Maybe you got a taste for animal cock from fuckin’ those pig men for all I know, eh?” Mar’gur jested with a stupid grin on her face, though Val didn’t dignify it with a response. There was an awkward silence for a few moments, before Mar’gur decided to dig a little further into that story as she had never inquired about it before.

“How you’d end up being a Quillboar’s cunt, then?” She asked rather bluntly, eyeing her voluptuous body.

Val sighed a quietly at the question, seemingly she wouldn’t drop it until she answered so it was best to get it out of the way.

“Some adventurers asked me to accompany them to offer my aid and healing while they culled the Quillboar numbers. Unfortunately the Quillboar weren’t so keen on the idea and they began picking off the group in the darker areas of Razorfen until I was the only one left. They had killed the others but seemingly I had a purpose. The rest is history, as they say.” Val spoke as she stirred the pot of stew, clearly not happy about what happened to her dungeon group that day.

“Seems to be your fate, ending up on the cock of those stronger than you.” Mar’gur remarked, she cared little about the foolish weak adventurers who had been bested by pathetic creatures like Quillboar. “Speaking of…”

Mar’gur’s eyes set on Val’s rear as she leaned over the pot, the loincloth dangling over it and caught up between the plump elven cheeks. Val hummed a little as she cooked her delicious smelling meal, though it seemed her She-Orc owner had a different appetite.

The Orc rose from her log, beginning to remove the more constricting parts of her armor and placing them on the log behind her. Mar’gur made her way over to Val, getting down onto her knees behind the bent over Elf tending the pot before grabbing those wide hips firmly.

“Ah, Domina. The stew will spoil if-“ Val’s words were cut short by Mar’gur’s own interrupting.

The Orc didn’t give a damn about the food her slave had been preparing. She kicked the dry arid dust over the fire with the edge of her foot, quickly burying the embers and leaving the camp with only the light of the white lady beaming down from the night sky.

“I don’t care about your cooking. I hunger for your tight ass and cunt this night you dumb bitch!” She growled, before landing a harsh swat of Val’s rear down on that tender flesh. “Put your face in the dirt and present your ass!” She commanded in her deep, gravelled voice while again smacking her rear into action.

Val dropped the ladel in the pot from the sharp sting of that rugged hand smacking her ass. Immediately she ended the cooking task and moved to all fours along side the cooking fire. The task no longer mattered, a new one had come and she was well trained enough to know that this one took priority above all others.

The druid lifted her loincloth covered rear and dipped her upper body down to the dirt submissively. Her breasts immediately being covering in dusty dry dirt and sand as they pancaked against the ground beneath her.

Mar’gur had waited all day for this. Of course she could have thrown the Elf down on the side of the road and mounted her at any time, that wasn’t an issue. Unfortunately time and travel would not be so easily wrestled into the dirt, the arena folk wouldn’t wait for her even if she was the champion. It was imperative that they make good time in their travels and save the fucking for the planned rest periods on the trip.

Mar’gur bounced her heavy balls in one palm while the other stroked the base of her quickly hardening emerald cock. Her razor like teeth appeared as she grinned mischievously down at the beautiful slave’s ass lifted and presented before her. She dug her large, rugged hands into the flesh of Val’s doughy hips and plump ass, sinking the the thick digits into the squishy flesh wantingly as the juicey cheeks deformed to her grip.

Val let out a momentary cry of pain as the She-Orc’s palm balled into a firt atop her head, pulling the Elf’s head up with a handful of her soft silver hair. Mar’gur pulled on the hair like it was the reins of her mighty Kodo, pulling and pushing Val’s upper body at her own will and superior strength.

The glow of the moon was hard to ignore as it beamed down largely upon the valley in the barrens. Mar’gur peered at it for a moment, before using her grip on her slave’s hair to turn her gaze towards it.

“Look, slave. The moon is large tonight, perhaps your goddess has come to watch me put a strong Orcish child inside you. Or maybe she’s come to see what a shameful little whore Elf you are. Hah!” Mar’gur jested rather cruelly.

It was rare for the Orc to jest and even comment on Val’s spirituality and culture, normally it was something the Orc respected or at the very least cared very little about to remark upon. Yet it was clear to the Kaldorei why she was meaner than usual today, the She-Orc had not fought an opponent on the sands of the arena for over two weeks. That was a long time for her and it directly connected to her mood and manner – when she was itching for a fight but going without, Val would be her verbal and sexual punching bag until the itch was scratched.

Val hated when Mar’gur mocked her goddess and culture, even knowing how the lack of fighting affected her it always felt unnecessary. Val peered up at the moon, its glow filling her already luminous eyes for the brief moment before her head was shoved into the dirt again.