A Gift for a Slutty Elf

Solo pin-up made for @warlordrexx of his OC, Grok! Wanted a better picture of his handsome Orc for Val’s home scene build and this felt more appropriate! Thanks to Rexx for the Val love in some recent anims he’s done lately too! <3 They turned out pretty awesome, especially the latest one! Much love <3

There’s even some story for why she has it:

Val and Grok don’t get to meet much, but when they do it usually involves a lot of vigorous, sweaty and ass smackingly good humping like wild animals. Last time they were together, Grok remarked that her home could use some paintings as it looked a little bare. Val joked that she’d rather hang a nude painting of him than of some landscape she’d rather see in person. 

Imagine her surprise and joy upon finding such a suggestive painting in her mailbox a couple of weeks later. It now hangs proudly in her little home, a prized possession she adores!  

A painting gifted to Val by Grok after one of their many nights of great sex. It now hangs above her bed in her Val'sharah home.