Playing with Portals

A double post today! Hope you like the first image with Val’s fantastic new model by @colonelyobo - special thanks to him for his hard work!

After purchasing a portal stone from a shifty looking Goblin merchant, Val finds out pretty quickly that it’s a defective stone! Instead of opening a portal to the Gilnean town of Bradensbrook, it instead opens a portal to a guard post in Orgrimmar.

As she attempts to close the portal, two large figures pass through. A pair of mighty Orcs clad in guard armor, their muscular bodies glistening with sweat from the Durotar sun. Seemingly having passed through to investigate the sudden portal, they did not expect to end up in the front room of Val’s home.

Unable to help herself as she peered at their impressive bodies and thickly bulged loin cloths, she began to disrobe for the green skinned pair. It would seem her trip to Bradensbrook would have to wait, the young Night Elf had guests and she was going to make them feel welcome.

The young druidess decides to stay home and entertain her new guests after a portal stone malfunctions. Not that she's too upset about it.