The Hot Box

Thanks for putting me over and well into 12k tumblr followers, I really appreciate it. Here’s a special image of Val and her special accommodations in Orgrimmar!

The Story Stuff:

Val was moved from Orgrimmar’s prison to a “special unit” in the baking Durotar sun, accused of using mind control spells on guards for special treatment, the shack named “the hot box” was constructed specifically for her by peons under orders from above.

Of course she wasn’t mind controlling anyone. She was just being her friendly, adorable self and it usually ended up with her getting laid to just about every one of her guards. Who certainly did give her preferential treatment as a result!

The move to the hot box was ordered by higher ups, believing it would solve the issue. Yet the guards were far too smitten with Val to let the new venue change anything. They’d bring her good food and plenty of water, protect her from the heat as much as possible and of course… slip their eager n’ thick cocks through the gaps in the construct to get their rewards in return!