Here Cums The... Bride?


Been wanting to return to this pairing as they’re just so adorable. Finally figured I’d put them in the spotlight again with something fun, cute and romantic! Wouldn’t be a Casey & Vel release without a story so expect one in the hopefully not too distant future to accompany this. For now, enjoy!

Much time has passed since their first chance encounter on Draenor at the Lunarfall Garrison. Much has happened since then, the most paramount among them being Casey & Vel falling madly in love with one another, leaving the alliance military life and starting a more simple one in Elwynn Forest.

Casey has traded the sword and board for cute dresses and teaching. Vel has put his Rangari days behind him in favor of putting that huge strength to more practical use at the local lumber mill. They go on picnics, host friends and do all the things a very much in love married couple do.

So they figured they should make it official! Which is exactly what this day was all about. Their wedding day.