A Worthy Guardian


You know who’s awesome? Lulu from FFX. So that’s why you’re seeing this, she’s one of my all time favorite characters from the Final Fantasy series and I just wanted to give her some love. Much of the models I’ve seen out there didn’t do her justice, so I decided to put together my own Lulu model... this is the result!

Yuna’s pilgrimage offers little respite for the guardians of the daughter of Braska. The trials inside any chamber of fayth can sometimes last days at a time, which is an awful long wait for those who choose to remain outside the chamber. While her future husband and the Ronso known as Khimari accompany Yuna into the chamber, Lulu remains outside with Tidus.

Unable to shake Wakka’s words of how the boy from Zanarkand does indeed somewhat resemble her former lover, Chappu. She decides to see just how far the similarities go by casting off her belted robes, firmly grabbing his Brotherhood and emptying his Blitzballs.