Orc 101 - Anal


A horny Orc comes in many varieties, Val has learned over the years. Her “extensive research” into the mating habits of the Orc have revealed much and today you can enjoy one of her lessons from her personal journal.

Valnoressa’s Journal, Page 34, Orc 101 – “Anal”

Orgrimmar, Day 156 in Captivity

The average Orc is a simple minded brute who does not tend to turn down a willing or unwilling woman, regardless of race. Yet in my travels I quickly learned that while they’d jump on anything with two legs, their personal codes weighed much on what hole they would choose.

Most of the time I found Orcs favored anal sex with me. Which wasn’t entirely unsurprising, we Kaldorei have been blessed with glutes many would consider superior to most other races of Azeroth. Yet, this soon became more common place to the point that it was becoming a literal pain in the backside!

Post mating, An Orc is far more agreeable and much less angry than before or during sex. As a result many of them are easier to talk to where they might not have been before (See page 42 for post-ravaging chat topics!) – it was here I was able to inquire as to why they preferred the butt.

I got several different answers, but two kept coming up the most. Firstly, many Orcs claimed that they would choose my butt simply because I was a Kaldorei and not of the Horde. They did not want to risk impregnating and diluting their bloodline with a half breed child born of the enemy race. An expected and common logic among their kind.

Secondly, and perhaps more strangely, there is a common superstition among Orcs that aggressively pounding the rear of an Elven woman will heal most ailments and bless the Orc with the strength of five Orcs if done on the eve of battle. Needless to say, this is all false, but such is the way of ridiculous beliefs and superstition.

These seem to be shared among the main Orc types I’ve encountered, albeit with their own little twists on the reasoning and codes they follow. The Mag’har Orcs seem to be more beholden to such things than their green skinned brothers, perhaps because of the integration of the Sin’dorei and Shal’dorei into the Horde? Hard to say.

The main take away from all this can be summarized as such: If you’re not an Orc, a race of the Horde or you happen to be a Kaldorei then you can probably look forward to a very thorough pounding of your behind by your Orcish lover or master.

<End of Journal Entry>