Mortal Delights


I’ve wanted to do an image like this for a while with the Ashen One depicted as a huge muscular woman with the Firekeeper at their side. I hope you like how it turned out and I hope you can excuse my attempts to porn up the lore of  DS3. It’s no easy task to pornomancer Dark Souls’ story considering how open ended and confusing it can be. Enjoy!


Unkindled ash shall always seeketh embers, wherever they may be. Such is true of the Ashen One’s quest towards of the Lords of Cinder and such is true in the Ashen One’s mortal desires. Her journey has strengthened her resolve, the souls of slain foes and nightmarish creatures empowering her body into peak physical form.

Guided by the hand of the delicate and devout Firekeeper, the Ashen One would eventually take her as her wife in soul and body. Oath bound to accept, the Firekeeper had little say in the matter. However some who frequent the Firelink Shrine have noted the distant and distracted nature of the Firekeeper when her wife is away on her quest. Equally they have observed the gentle smile on her lips and the more delicate spring to her step when the Ashen One returns, fresh from battle with the blood of a mighty enemy hot upon her armor.

Where once silence had been broken by the echo of traveling footfalls, the crackle of the Shrine’s rekindled flame and the hammering of the blacksmith. Those dark and empty crofts of the Shrine were now filled with the pleasured moans of the Firekeeper, however much she attempted to stifle them, her mortal body betrayed the desires of the flesh.