Wet n' Wild


An out of season commission done for one of my good friends/regular commissioners, Southbrook. Her and her friend Mia help their ally and friend Valnoressa with those great big black cocks of theirs! Hope you like it.

Commissioned by: Southbrook/Mia


While it was mainly the Kaldorei who stood against the Undead at Darkshore in it’s reclamation, some brave heroes of the Alliance did join their Elven allies in the fight against the tyranny of the Horde. Two among them had gained particular favor with one of the Kaldorei heroes, Valnoressa.

Honored by the Kaldorei for the lives they saved and the foes they had slain, two Humans gain an extra reward and commendation when they’re invited to the village of the Druid they fought along side in the battle.

Casira and Mia arrive in Lorlathil to a heroes welcome by the Kaldorei who live there, where they’re guided to the home of Valnoressa in the druid’s grove. It’s there that in the embrace of nature, the two Human women recieve the full appreciation of the Kaldorei people, expressed entirely through the druid who stood at their side in Darkshore.

Not by trinkets or words of thanks but by a night of vigorous passion endowed upon two mighty heroes with mighty endowments of their own.