Bailey's Bounty - Part 1


Another out of season commission for Southbrook! Apparently there’s a third Southbrook sister and this one seems like she might be meaner than the other two! I wonder who this Elf she’s been sent to kill is. Hmmmmm~ Oh and I think this might be my first ever “taker” POV shot, hope you like it!

Commissioned by: Southbrook

“You nearly got away from me in the markets, knife ears. Unfortunately for you I know these streets like the back of my hand.” Bailey boasted, peering down with her crossbow pointed firmly between the Kaldorei’s eyes.

“However it’s your lucky day, I just so happen to know who you are and what you’re capable of. So I got an offer to make you.” She continued, eyeing the Kaldorei’s reaction with gleeful pleasure.

The Kaldorei peered up at Bailey, her luminous white eyes meeting the one available eye the dark skinned human had. Her body was clad in loincloth, wrappings and other leathers that covered very little of her beautiful full form.

“So I can either kill you and take that pretty head back to collect my coin.” She paused after the first option, bringing her hand to the button of her pants to let it come loose. It must have been the world’s most powerful button because simply removing it caused the contents inside her pants to flop out into full view, baring a girthy and long ebony cock backed up by a pair of swollen balls.

“Or you can wrap your lips around this and let me fuck that pretty face of yours. I know which I’d prefer, but both work for me in the end so make your decision.” Smiled smugly, folding her arms as she swayed her hips a little, letting the hefty hunk of cock thud from thigh to thigh before the Kaldorei.

The Elf let out an exasperated sigh, nodding in agreement as she crawled forward to the Human. Seemingly having accepted the offer, not that it was much of a choice to begin with.

“I’m glad you agreed to the deal. It’d be a such a shame for a puny Elf like you to end up dead for nothing. Now open up, I’m gonna fuck that pretty face of yours!” Bailey commanded, eyeing the Kaldorei with a mischievous and dominant gaze. A sly smirk forming on her lips as she dangled the girthy cock just in front of the Kaldorei’s lips.

“Don’t make me tell you twice, Elf.”