The Queen's Concubines


Originally intended for this to be an underwater scene, but wasn’t quite getting the look I was hoping for. So instead we get what I think is a much more appeasing image visually than what it would have been if I had continued with the underwater one. Ah well, can’t always work out I guess! Hope you like it

Credit: Lynya (Azshara Model)


Azshara grinned as the Human raised his hand up to offer her the Heart of Azeroth. The power to rule the world and free N’zoth lay within her grasp. These champions had been swayed by her elegant words and lofty promises, pledging themselves to serve their Queen.

She was a Queen of her word of course, their choices and loyalty would be rewarded. It was clear that these four held more than an interest in her promises of power and position however. During the raid before they had turned their blades and magic on their more heroic allies in betrayal, these champions had made suggestive eyes and gestures towards the Queen.

Were they not helping to usher in what she had worked so long to achieve, she would have struck them down where they stood. The closeness of the power that radiated from beneath the palace and from the Heart of Azeroth filled her with a lust, made only more intense as she spotted their grand bulges running down their thighs in those soaking wet pants they were clad in.

She may be the Queen of the Naga, but she was a landwalker once. Even after ten thousand years the sight of a bare, engorged landwalker cock filled her with desire. They would know the pleasures of a Queen for all eternity as her personal concubines, bound to service her insatiable lust until they turned into naga themselves.

For now they would enjoy the sight of Azshara’s slick lips wrapped around their cocks, milking them of their seed. By the time they would realize what they had signed up for, it would be too late for them. Azshara feigned a look of displease as she put all four arms and her mouth to work on her concubines, though all the while reveling in the thought of how easy this had all been to achieve.

It was... Magnificient.