Scarlet Defiance


Been long overdue since our favorite scarlet inquisitor got some love again. Though I figured someone as sassy and prideful as her wouldn’t be too unsettled about being captured by Demons. Even if there are two Man’ari bulls ready to give her holes a stretching! She seems to be quite untroubled by it, either way.


The demons were somewhat unsettled by little Sally Whitemane. She had endured everything they had thrown at her with surprising ease. No amount of attempts at scaring, gang banging and humiliation seemed to move her to answering their questions.

Sally simply smiled, taunting them with her crimson eyes as they bickered and argued about how best to proceed. Her words on the day of her capture at the hands of the demons rang true in their ears now more than ever.

“You’ve made a grave mistake, demon scum. It is you who is locked in here with ME.”
She had said to them, before not speaking another word throughout the ordeal that befell her up to this point.

She had sewed doubt and fear into them from day one. She knew the time of her escape would be at hand in time, she simply had to be patient and pull the strings of these brutish puppets. Still, while she maintained her steeled resolve and prideful look on the surface, she could feel the daily gang bangs taking a toll on her mind as new and more frightening nightmarish creatures of the legion joined her in the cage daily.

She was winning this battle of wills for now, but she needed to win quickly. Both for the sake of her sanity and before the copious amounts of demon seed within her could do any damage to her body. By the light, when she was out of this the Legion would learn to fear the name Sally Whitemane.