Put together this image of Sylvanas for two reasons. The first being to poke a little bit of fun at the Sylvanas loyalists who seem to be endlessly loyal to this bag of bones. And the second is that futa sylvanas with a giant wet dick is just the best thing, Okay?


Lead by a Dark Ranger, you ascend the ramp up to Windrunner Spire with determination. A clear concern for your beloved Warchief and queen the only thing on your mind as you wish the ranger would walk a little faster. For some reason you had expected to set eyes upon a distraught or furious Sylvanas yet that was not to be the case.

Instead you step into the main tower lounge to find a more surprising sight. That of Sylvanas sitting wide legged on the edge of a chair, her pale breasts laid bare with her hand maiden on her hands and knees between the queen’s thighs. Her crimson gaze peers out from under the shadowed veil of her hood towards you as you enter, a soft smile drawing across her lips.

“Ah, champion. I’m glad to find you’ve made it safely from Orgrimmar. I imagine it’s in quite a state following the High Overlord’s death.” She said with no hint of anger or frustration in her voice. She was confident and seemed entirely expectant of your arrival.

Your gaze draws down to her hand firmly gripping at a clump of the dark green hair within her fist. Her forearm rising and falling as she guides her hand maiden deeper between her thighs. You cannot see the hand maiden’s face from where you stand, but the sound of her slurping, gagging and moaning softly is a clear indicator of what she’s doing.

“We have much to talk about, champion. I’m sure you have questions, though I cannot yet reveal the answers to them all right now.”
Sylvanas spoke again.

The banshee queen then pulled her hand maiden’s head up firmly by the tuft of hair she gripped, sending her gaze down to meet that of the girl’s own. You note the wet popping sound followed by the slightly labored breathing of the hand maiden as if she’s suddenly able to breathe again.

“Lilith, the champion and I require privacy to talk. See that my armor is cleaned and ready for when I need to move again – we cannot remain here longterm.” Sylvanas commanded, though her tone was unusually soft even in command towards the girl.

“H-hah- Y-Yes my queen, it shall be done.” Lilith replied obediently through panted breath as she raised to her feet.

Sylvanas said nothing to you as she took the time to admire her hand maiden hastily dressing and picking up her clothes. A coy smile upon her lips, her crimson eyes were the most gently you had ever seen them as they gazed at this girl. You’d never say a word to her about it of course, but you suspected that there was a little more to the relationship between the Lady Windrunner and her loyal hand maiden.

Sylvanas sent a hard yet playful smack across Lilith’s rear cheek as she began to scurry half dressed past her towards the exit. Lilith stopped only briefly to give you a quick curtsie as she passed you by towards the door. You watch her leave of course, noting the one cheek where Sylvanas’s smack connected was already reddening.

“Eyes forward, champion. She is not for your enjoyment.” Sylvanas remarked, regaining your attention from the hand maiden’s half naked exit.

Your eyes turn to the front again to be greeted by a familiar sight indeed. Sylvanas remained sitting with her legs parted widely yet with no hand maiden between them you could fully take in the splendor of the banshee queen’s huge cock and hefty balls dangling over the edge of the chair. Her cock was slick and moist with the saliva of the hand maiden, the ridges of the cock catching the light as it filled the room with the glow of the moon over the ghostlands.

Truth be told it had not been the first, second or even seventh time you had laid eyes upon it. You were well acquainted with it as Sylvanas’ most loyal champion and supporter since her instatement as Warchief. She had relied upon you to carry out her will and the will of the Horde, your successes and loyalty leading you right back here to the banshee queen’s massive cock.

“Well we’re alone once more, my champion. Though I’m not quite ready to speak until you finish what Lilith started.” She spoke a little more dominantly now, her thumb and index finger wrapping around the base of her pinkish-grey cock, giving it a gentle wiggle.

Your eyes flick up from that delicious looking slab of meat to match the gaze of the queen, your face clearly betraying thoughts of things that had transpired at the gates of Orgrimmar. Sylvanas’s gaze hardened, stopping you short when she sees you opening your mouth to speak.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock. I’ve had enough defiance for one day from that pathetic rabble in Orgrimmar. I would have my champion show me how much they love and adore their queen. You do love your queen, don’t you?” Sylvanas blurted out, her tone starting angry but softening towards the end of her words.

Instinctively dropping to your knees and crawling towards her at her beck and call. Her expression softens again as you approach, her palm reaching out to cradle under your chin as you come within touching distance of her. You can already feel your mouth watering at the sight of that magnificent banshee cock, it’s pleasant scent and meaty perfection drawing you in like a siren’s song off the coast of Tirigarde Sound.

You’re a Sylvanas loyalist and you couldn’t be anymore proud of it. Even as her cock slips past your lips, prying your jaw open around her girthy slab of banshee cock for neither the first or the last time.