Tamed Raven


I feel like some of my OCs definitely need to make more appearances and Raven is definitely one of my favorite ones that I’d like to get in the spotlight a little more. So here’s a sweet little thing with her and a buttplug!


Raven peered back at her Dwarven partner from a less than dignified position upon the bed, her shapely rear raised with a jeweled plug poking from between the cheeks. The amethyst caught the light of the night sky pouring in the window at the head of the bed. She smiled in a manner that could only be described as adoring and wantingly submissive. A far cry from the cold, focused gaze of the bounty hunter who struck fear into practically anyone she met.

The Dwarf understandably enjoying the view as he stroked the back of her stocking clad calf. He gave her an equally adoring expression, meeting her singular gaze with his firey orange own.

“So, how does it look?”
Raven asked, breaking the comfortable silence first.

“As great as I expected, lass.”
The dwarf replied, taking in that spectacular view.

“How long do I keep it in for anyway?”
Raven questioned, giving a very tempting little wiggle of her plump backside.

“Oh ‘yer only taking it out when nature calls or my cock is in there, wee missy.”
The dwarf replied boldly, punctuating his words with a gentle slap of the human’s raised rear.

Raven let out a soft gasped moan and a gentle giggle from the playing smack of her wonderful rear. She had broken the arms of men who had said and done less in foolish attempts to flirt with her, yet this particular Dark Iron was special to her. Algurd was her lover and boyfriend first and foremost, yet also a fellow bounty hunter she had grown close to over the past year.

“Of course, sorry daddy.”
She replied, her words as tender and submissive as she now looked. She never quite imagined she’d be calling anyone that beyond it’s intended use, let alone saying it to a dark iron who had stolen her heart. What had started as a joke between them on hunts about how he was almost twice her age had turned to something more lewd and endearing. Said out of adoration instead of jesting, a respectful title and an extension of their very different relationship.

“There’s my good girl. I’m so tempted to ditch this job and stay here with ya’ all night. Alas, duty calls as it always does.”
He said softly and with some real sadness – he really did want to stay.

“You sure you don’t need backup on this one, Algurd?”
The title had dropped away as things had turned to business. She watched him get up from the bed and begin to dress himself – his impeccably large dwarven cock swinging from thigh to thigh in it’s flaccid form, her eyes devouring this parting view as his hairy muscular form became reclad in clothing again.

“Nah lass, we rented the room for the night. Best one of us gets to enjoy the comfort. This is a small job, won’t be needing the great Raven for such a shite prey like this one.”

Algurd leaned over the edge of the bed, peering down at this beautiful girlfriend in her naked form as she lay on her tummy looking up at him.

“Besides, I may be your boss in here but out there you’re mine. Ya need to leave some glory for the rest of us mere mortals, aye?”
He said with a chuckle as he leaned his black bearded chin down to give her a kiss. One that she returned in full. Though as he began to raise himself back up again, he felt himself tugged back down softly by his beard.

“Hey. Small time or not, you be careful out there alright? I love you.”
She said softly, her tone serious and entirely that of a concerned lover. She fixed his beard and let it go.

“Love ya’ too, wee bird. I’ll be careful, ah’promise.”
He said equally tenderly, giving her a quick peck on the lips as he turned to head for the door. He lifted his rifle from the end of the bed and turned just short of opening the door, he cracked her a grin as he took another long look at that beautiful half-elf on the bed.

“Don’t you be taking that plug out when I leave. Or I’ll have to put you over my knee, wee lass.”
He said with a sly wink, chuckling to himself as he headed out – giving her no chance to respond beyond a chuckle of her own.

Raven turned onto her back on the soft sheets of the bed, smiling to herself as she peered at the dancing shadows of the candle flames on the ceiling. Each passing moment caused her lids to get heavier as she watched them – before passing into a peaceful, happy and content sleep.