Druids of Lust II


Sorry about the long break there for a couple weeks, had some stuff I wanted/needed to do that all tended to happen early on in the month. But I’m back with a new Kaldorei themed piece of two sisters (not by blood) having fun together in the wild wastes of the Barrens. Look forward to the next release, coming soon!

Commissioned By: @Dryarae


After a daring escape from her Orcish mistress, Val finds herself wandering the barrens for days with very little food and water – both of which run out quicker than she’d have wanted. Tired from walking in the baking sun, hunger creeping in and the threat of a death by dehydration she happens upon a small Oasis-like area deep in the plains.

It’s there that she encounters Dryarae, a fellow Kaldorei and even a fellow druid. Val practically collapses at her feet, her energy drained and her body finally giving way to it’s limits in seemingly friendly company.

Dryarae isn’t one to see a sister go unaided when they’re in clear need. For two weeks she nurses and cares for Val until her strength returns. Val had spoken to her about her mission, her capture and even the fact that she was a pacifist. Dryarae simply nodded, seemingly a silent or perhaps mute person to Valnoressa, though she did communicate her name with a parchment that carried it.

Not one to take aid and leave, Val remained with Dryarae for a few more days to scavenge and replace what aid she took from her – as well as preparing her own supplies for when it was time to leave. The pair grew closer through the normal Kaldorei women shared activities of hunting, herbalism and simply Val speaking while Dryarae listened.

Drya did from time to time gesture in communication. Having patted Val’s soft tummy and doughy hips before gesturing to her own more tight and athletic form with a chuckle and jest. It was uncommon for a Kaldorei woman to be so curvy and shapely outside of motherhood – though Dryarae later gestured that she thought it suited Val and that she liked it.

They cuddled together at night as the biting chill of the Barren’s night crept in to contrast it’s blisteringly hot days. An act all Kaldorei women were trained to do for simple survival, yet it always made their sisterly bond feel all the more stronger.

Even more bonding occurred through other simple acts such as bathing. Drya would keep watch and keep an eye on a sister while Val bathed and Val would do the same when it was Drya’s turn. The lesson was always that one sister alone could be ambushed, but two sisters could not be.

It was then, inevitable, that’d they share another sisterly bond together. One of dealing with shared lust that comes from such a close bond. Sisters must be prepared to pleasure one another to leave their other senses clear. The weaker of two sisters would give themselves to the stronger one, in Val’s case she was obviously the weaker one. Having been saved, protected and provided for by Dryarae. Additionally Dry’s reasonably big cock certainly tipped her win to a landslide in that regard.

And so the last few days of Val’s stay with Drya were entirely consumed by pent up shared lust needing to be released by both in the company of a sister. They would kiss, grope and fondle one another, mostly Drya favored the use of Val’s rear as well – seeing as how she spent most of her time behind the young druid, hilted deeply in her while tugging on her hair rather dominantly.

When the pair finally were ready to part, they did so with a kiss and a new sisterly bond formed between them. They were heading in different directions but neither would forget the other anytime soon.