The Bartender Boy


One of those rare SFW commissions I do - though I can’t actually remember the last SFW image I did that I released so this is probably rare for that reason too. Anyway made for this guy’s friend who happens to be a barmaid boi looking cute and serving drinks!

Commissioned By: GordFang


Alun was no stranger to the male gaze as he worked his bar job every night. Even before he threw on a skirt and stockings to bring in more tips, most assumed he was an Elven barmaid lass. Many had no idea that the cute and chipper bartender was actually male and many more didn’t care or were too hammered to notice.

It was dangerous to wear the skirt at work, but the rise in silver and gold tips that came with it were worthwhile in his eyes. Besides, it wasn’t like he was against the attempts to peak up his skirt or the bold gropes and slaps of his rear while he bused drinks around the tavern. After all, some of those more lucky patrons of the bar would get to enjoy the view of his dainty feminine body as they clapped his azure cheeks in a Stormwind back alley somewhere.