Moonlit Dominance


This one took a little longer to get out because the previous Dark Souls images I worked on kept bumping it back. But here ya go, folks over in my discord wanted to see Val humped by Mar’gur again so they finally got their wish after some much needed patience. Hope you like it, trying to get away from comfortable routines in my lighting as well. By that I mean it can be easy to do blue and orange in scenes to light something, I almost did it here out of habit and its a really bad thing to do all the time. So I went with something a bit more focused around a background light source and draped the scene in more darkness.


Ahead of schedule for their trip to the fighting pits, Mar'gur and Val stop in the Barrens for the night. Though not much resting happens when the She-Orc sees her slave's ass illuminated by the moonlight. The Orc kicks the dry dust of the barrens over the cooking pot fire Val is preparing food at and orders her slave to assume the position. Mar’gur was hungering for Night Elf tonight, not the Zevra stew her fat assed Elven slave was making, and she would have her fill.