Sisters of Vengeance


And I’m back! Had a nice break for my birthday, did some fun stuff and now it’s back to work again. Figured I’d kick it off with something I haven’t done before and something I haven’t done in a long time. Maiev and Tyrande (especially Night Warrior Tyrande) haven’t got a lot of love in Warcraft smut so I’m adding to that with my latest entry here, also I haven’t done a Night Elf futa image since like 2014 so I guess this was long overdue as well. Hope you like seeing the vengeance sisters together! I decided to make Maiev the futa and Tyrande the female for this pairing, as I figure even with her badass new look and attitude - Maiev would more than likely be the one wearing the trousers in bed between those two.

Below is a silly/fun “alternate reality” lore craft based around the pairing. Hope you like it. If you want to see more of these two then let me know.

With the battle for Darkshore hard fought and even harder won, the Kaldorei reign supreme over the Horde invaders of their lands. Throughout the long campaign, Maiev and Tyrande relied heavily upon each others strength and will to fight in order to lead their sisters to vengeful victory over the Forsaken.

The pair grew close, closer even than Tyrande had been with her own husband who had perished early on in the campaign to retake their homelands. In time, the pair had begun to spend more and more time together outside of battles and strategy meetings - prompting Tyrande to discover that Maiev had been hiding more than her battle scarred body beneath the Warden armor she wore so well.

To say Maiev carried the genitals of a man was an understatement, no man was her equal in girth or length. Having spotted the mouthwatering thickness and the toe curling reach of Maiev’s hefty meat during a shared bathing in a moonwell, Tyrande could not deny her desires to become more than sisters and soldiers in arms with the Warden.

Maiev too couldn’t deny her desires for Tyrande, especially considering the woman she had become upon taking the Night Warrior ritual. Not only had she become more beautiful but she too was now a woman who understood duty and the power of merciless vengeance over a deserving enemy. With her meek husband gone, Maiev was free to court and eventually take Tyrande as her wife.