Kaldorei Superiority


Did you know Val tends to be more dominant when she’s with a woman? Well it’s true, especially when those women are Elves of a different type than herself. This image was part of a giveaway over on my discord in which a Belf belong to one of my fans would appear in an image with Val! Here’s the result.

Congrats to Valarynn for winning the giveaway on my Discord!

P.S - Val’s little rivalry with Alori is strictly goofing/messing about between me and the person who own’s the character. Don’t get IRL mad about it. You’d think I wouldn’t have to say that and yet I know how people get about this kind of shit.


When Val catches a cute Blood Elf sneaking about her village in Val’Sharah, she decides to teach the little lady a lesson that takes her all night long to deliver. Valarynn spends the night as Valnoressa’s bottom bitch and by the time morning rolls around, she’s very familiar with her place beneath the taller and stronger Kaldorei.

Not satisfied with just dominating the Sin’dorei all night, she mounts the golden eyed girl’s face and uses her fancy S.E.L.F.I.E camera to snap a very naughty picture. Additionally she forwards the snap to her rival elf, Alori with a cheeky message.