Prison Break


A little bit overdue as I had intended to do this before the Val face sitting image, either way I think it was worth the wait regardless. There’s not much 3D art of Maiev kicking around and I didn’t want a futa image of her out of focus to be my only contribution, so here’s a pose and angle befitting of the badass Warden. Should also note that I’m now also going to be offering exclusive patreon alt versions of my images to better reward those who loyally pledge to me. Keep in mind that all originals will be posted publicly here and on twitter as they always are, there will be no paywalls for my release - just extra incentives for patrons who wish to enjoy some alternate twists on my releases.

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Maiev Shadowsong heard reports that a break off group of Illidari radicals had become loyal to the remnants of the Legion. None knew how to hunt a demon hunter better than she did. The Warden tracked the group to Val’Sharah in the Broken Isles where they had been waiting for her, knowing the legendary thorn in Illidan Stormrage’s side would come for them. They had been ready.

Maiev spent months as their prisoner, stripped of her armor and even any clothing as they were determined to let her rot in the deep dark of their underground hideout for the rest of her days, humiliated and alone. The impetuous demon hunters had become too used to routine, too easy to read and sloppy, it was only a matter of time before Maiev would be free.

When the day of her self liberation came, Maiev tore through their ranks with unyielding vengeance and brutality. There would be no prisoners to take to the vault of the wardens, she would make sure of that. It took her sometime to find all her armor and weapons, roaming the halls of the hideout in partial plating. She looted each piece of her iconic armor from those who had taken it as a trophy.

By the time she had recovered all of her armor, all the traitorous Demon Hunters and their allies in the hideout were slain. Maiev emerged to the light of day, her mission complete and her glaive slick with the blood of the weak minded scum who had captured her.

Hey! Support my art over on Patreon!

Hey! Support my art over on Patreon!