Detour in the Jungle


Trolls don’t get a lot of love in general, least of all lesbian pairing ones. So when I saw this commission in my inbox, I decided I’d go ahead and take it. I got to try out some mottled lighting to make it look like the trees above were shadowing on them and such. I hope it feels like a hot and humid jungle to you lot!


Art by: Valnoressa
Written by:
Commissioned by: Zagnutjones

As Vol’toka and Zula’zlok walked along the main road of out of Dazar’alor, they held each other's hands and smiled to each other, observing the sights. While Vol’toka was quite familiar with the sights, such as the Sabertusks hunting, or the Direhorns grazing, it was relatively new for Zula, as she followed her mate closely, keeping an eye out for danger.

Vol’toka would chuckle.”Ya can relax dear, we will be fine. I know dis place like it was me own child, even if I don’t have one.”

Zula chuckled and nodded.”Just bein’ careful love. Ya nevah know wat can happen.”

Vol’toka nodded.”Always as cautious as evah.” She would continue to guide Zula in hand along the road, eyeing the area around them.”Ya know, I used ta play in dese jungles all da time when I was trainin’ ta be a huntress. I tamed me first Ravasaur here.”

Zula nodded.”Knowin’ ya, it was likely a breeze, givin’ ya talent.”

Vol’toka chuckled and shook her head.”I was a rookie at one point ya know.”
She stared around and smirked.”Ya know...It also were I popped me first cherry as well.”

Zula then looked to her with both curiosity and with a hint of mischievousness to her.”Oh really? Wat was it like dear?”
Vol’toka smirked as she held a hand out and pointed to a tree.”A nice little peasant girl. Just so pent up and without some ta satisfy her, so I talked wit her, and offered to help wit dat.”

Zula then smirked with a bit of lust in her eyes.”’ow did it ‘appen me love?”
Vol’toka would smirk as she went to grab hold of Zula’s right arm and and rear.”Let me show ya.”

Vol’toka would turn Zula around and go to pin her against against the wall, as she stripped her and herself down as she would go to nibble at her neck for a second.”Tell ma’da wat ya want, and ‘ow bad ya want it!”

Zula would moan out in pleasure, her submissiveness shining through as she squealed in delight.”I want ma’da ta fuck me. I want it so bad.”

Vol’toka would then continue to nibble at her neck, as she went to massage her right breast, going to tug on her nipple occasionally, as swell as slidding a few fingers in to pleasure inside her womanhood. At this point, all Zula could do was moan in pleasure and take her ma’das pleasure.

While the two women enjoyed their time together, it would seem Vol’toka forgot,(Or simply didn’t care) that they were on a public road. It would seem that a guard had seen what they were doing and looked on in shock, stunned by the gall of the two woman. It took him a few moments to regain his composure as he yelled to the two girls and ran forward.

“‘Eya! Ya two girls can’t do dat! Dis is a public road!”

Vol’toka had already made Zula cum, as her womanly juices flowed out of her, and Vol’toka went to lightly lick it up before she heard the guard.”Oh shit. Seems we got owa selves a situation dear.”

Zula was still recovering from her mates treatment to her as she looked over in surprise.”We...Should probably go.”

Vol’toka nodded and went to quickly slide on her clothes, and grab Zula’s as well, before picking up her mate in her arms as they booked it, giggling to themselves as they fled into the jungle.